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    Default Longest win streak since 1949

    Last time Minnesota had an 8 game win streak, Bud Grant was MVP.

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    That team lost their 9th game at Michigan.
    "Do Not Be Afraid to Be A Legend"

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    It started late last season, we are seeing a shift in Gopher football. We aren't just beating teams, we are kicking the crap out of them. We got off to a slow start this year but these last few games have been really impressive. People look at the final score against Purdue but we were dominating that game until a few late TDs made the score look a lot closer. Illinois and Nebraska were beat downs.

    We may not quite be ready to compete with the big boys but we are clearly above the mid to lower tier teams in the conference. At this point I will be pretty shocked if we are not 8-0 heading into Penn State. 8 straight wins with the potential to get to at least 10 or more is not something to take lightly no matter who the wins are against.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Face The Facts View Post
    That team lost their 9th game at Michigan.
    You win the championship for the most Minnesotan response ever.

    Silver lining? Don't worry; we can still find a dark cloud... somewhere.

    "7 National Titles...

    ... But Let's Not Get Carried Away".

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    Of the 8 wins, 5 have come against power 5 opponents. This hasn't happened in 70 years. Time to get on that boat, Minnesota. We have plenty of oars! LET'S GO.

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