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    A, obviously. The running backs and the O line bulldozing the Huskers was priceless. It deeply disturbed the Nebraska fans in our section.

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    I felt like we could have scored 60+ if we wanted to. Maybe even 84.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTChamp View Post

    Nice to see some O-line depth with Big Dan out.
    Would have liked Paulson to catch that touchdown, but not as much as he would have liked.
    Anyone know what his injury is? I don’t think he was even dressed.

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    Ant time the team breaks 300 on the ground that’s an A+.

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    A - played the exact game script we wanted to run. We lined up and ran right at them and they couldn't stop it. Anytime you do that you get a nA for exceeds expectations. The only knock was the Jake Paulson drop. You had a TD right in front of you! got to catch it. Hope he is ok as he has been a key to our run game sealing the edge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pompous Elitist View Post
    Ant time the team breaks 300 on the ground that’s an A+.
    I loved Frost's post game comments where he basically said going into the game they knew there were 2-3 different run plays we were going to run and we ran them over and over again, Nebraska just couldn't stop it. That is pure domination and we did it with out Big Dan as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boofbonser View Post
    A-.....Looking at you Paulson haha
    Will he have to carry a football around campus all week?

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    The long throw to TJ at the end of 3rd right after shutting Nebby down was beautiful call.

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    Only call I didn't like was late screen that lost 5 yards, didn't like throw in traffic

    But still an A.

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    B, solely on Paulsen dropping the easiest play he will ever see.

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    I just noticed the Gophs have more points than anyone in the BT west (conference games only). 15 more than Shi*sconsin. And only 21 behind OSU in the east (who is on an absolute tear). Michicant has more points but also a game extra so as usual Michigan doesn’t count.
    I know, comparisons steal your joys, but only pointing it out how good this offense has been so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flash30 View Post
    A- Paulson dropped 6 points he could have walked in blindfolded
    He should have waited to put the blindfold on until after catching it!

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