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    Default 247: Ranking every Big Ten starting QB at midseason


    Stat line: 78 of 111 (70.3 percent) for 1,250 yards and 13 touchdowns to three interceptions;

    The word: When should Morgan be taken more seriously? The sophomore's taken a huge step in his second season as Minnesota’s starter, leading the Golden Gophers to an undefeated start. In five games, he’s already surpassed his 2018 total in passing touchdowns — nine — by four. Morgan has talented wide receivers at his disposal and he’s done the bulk of the damage against lesser competition, but the second-year starter deserves a lot of credit for having Minnesota in a spot to contend with Iowa and Wisconsin for the West Division. Let’s see what happens next when Morgan and the Gophers take the big stage Saturday against Nebraska, which is followed by later matchups with Penn State and Iowa later in the fall.
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    How could he only be ranked at #5 in the Big 10 at this point with his stats?

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    Link for y'all

    1. Fields OSU
    2. Clifford PSU
    3. Lewerke MiSt
    4. Coan WI (weird choice given how bad he looked against NW but so it goes)
    5. Morgan MN
    6. Stanley Iowa
    7. Martinez NE
    8. Patterson MI
    9. Peters Ill
    9. Jackson MD
    11. Penix Ind
    12. Plummer Pur
    13. Johnson NW
    14. Langan Rutgers

    Funny they cite in their metrics it looks at all season, team success, and recent performance. can't argue Fields at 1. Clifford has looked great as well and has more TDs and less Ints then Morgan. Lewerke I think is overrated, but has a major chance to prove that wrong with a big game vs WI. Coan I have no idea why he is ranked 4th unless you're just giving him major props for MI (which MI looked like horse**** from front to back) and ignoring his poor game vs NW. Morgan should probably be slotted 3rd or 4th personally, depending on how much you are weighing schedule given Lewerke had OSU and Coan really did not impress vs NW. But that's just me.
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    Reading the writeups on the site, 5 isn't a terrible slot for Morgan to slide into. As with most things there probably isn't a ton of separation between 3-5 so it just comes down to opinion at that point and the writer makes a decent case for the guys ahead of Morgan.

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    Top two appear to be set at the moment, but I'd argue Morgan over Coan for sure and likely over Lewerke. The drop off after Morgan is really big as well, as Stanley, Martinez and Patterson have all been pretty bad this year.

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    If this were a PE class and we had to choose teams I’d imagine Fields would go first but based on performance so far I’d say Clifford and Morgan are neck and neck. I think Stanley is really good but can be inconsistent and he’s held back by Little Ferentz. Coan...not impressed. I’d take Morgan in a heartbeat over him. Lewerke is erratic. Martinez has massively regressed.

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    He's had some fumbles and a high sack number so maybe that impacted where they ranked him? I agree 3-5 seem interchangeable.

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    Lewerke love I don’t get.
    He is good against terrible teams and pedestrian against good ones.

    2-7 are pretty interchangeable on a given day

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