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    It would probably be good for us to do this every week. It's quite a mental workout!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pompous Elitist View Post
    Wisconsin will lose to Ohio State.
    Iowa lost to Michigan.
    Iowa and Wisconsin play each other.
    Will assume they run the table except for us...

    Wisconsin will have 1-3 losses when we play them (has MSU, OSU, Iowa)
    Iowa 1-3 losses when we play them. (PSU, WI)

    I’ll guess we lose to PSU. If we can defeat Iowa, which is a big ask, (and defeat everyone else) then it’s likely winner takes all at TCF vs WI.

    Not that I’m looking ahead.
    Good thing you aren't looking ahead. The team needs you to focus only on Nebraska!
    Attention: If the above comment sounds puzzling, adjust your sarcasm setting and try again.

    Quote Originally Posted by God View Post
    For you are one of the chosen ones, my son. Please carry my other messages forward and spread them across the land.

    Thou shall not root for the Badgers under any circumstances, whatsoever. Doing so will bring upon my wrath and you suffer from the same plague of obesity, stupidity, and ugliness of the one who leads the razorbacks.

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