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    Default Rodney Smith made PFF National Team of the Week.

    Rodney Smith, Minnesota
    The Gophers have quietly moved to 5-0 after securing the programís 700th win on Saturday against Illinois. Smith was a big component of the 700th victory despite finding the end zone just once. He ran the ball 24 times but tallied 211 yards on the ground with 154 of those yards coming after contact and finishing with eight broken tackles. He gained an additional eight first downs on his carries and powered Minnesota on the ground as he returns to full health.

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    It's a beautiful thing Rodney, keep on improving your best.

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    Both Rodney and Shannon have heart - really put everything into every run, both coming back from such depressing, extended injuries. You have to admire that.

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    We are fortunate to have Rodney and Shannon still. Weird circumstances but I really like both of them.

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    We have had someone make the PFF national team in all 5 games we have played, Bateman twice, Tyler, Winfield and Rodney.

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