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    Quote Originally Posted by Pompous Elitist View Post
    I mean, if it’s that easy to cheat why isn’t everyone doing it? I would guess there are examples out there but I don’t think it is as close to widespread as “everyone knows“. If it were that easy to assemble a supergroup like turncoat James taking his talents to....then T Boone, Phil Knight, or any other number of high rollers have ways to make things happen.

    Funny, if anyone knows about lining pockets with envelopes of cash it’s Gov Newsom.
    Seeing how the FBI has been nosing around the NCAA recently, I'm guessing this put a lid on shenanigans to some extent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taji34 View Post
    Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany opposes California's Fair Pay to Play Act:
    Soon to be FORMER commissioner.

    Thanks for the BTN, Jim. It is a nice channel, and your legacy. (Not to mention adding Nebraska, Maryland, and Rutgers, and creating the championship game .... all in order to keep pace with the SEC)

    I'll be looking forward to the opinion of the new guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldmember View Post
    The two cases couldn’t be more different.

    But the key difference is that “Pay for NIL” is NOT something the member schools are wanting to pursue. AT ALL. Even the California schools.
    Of course they don't. Everyone is scared to death of letting the air out of the "magic balloon" that is major college football, as it currently stands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Face The Facts View Post
    Dan Patrick had the governor of California on to talk about it.

    The question was asked of won't thing cause issues with car dealers, etc., providing an uneven landscape.
    Gov basically thought we already have some of that.

    Made me think this is similar to the argument to legalize drugs.
    If we legalize it, it would hurt those who are most abusing the current system.
    So those currently cheating would gain less than others who are not.
    No because you will have schools like Oregon with deep pockets who will pay their players more.

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