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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldteam View Post
    Keenum sucks, but we win that game today with and have a better team around him.
    Maybe, but that pick is perfect example of why stats and arm strength don’t matter unless they can make a play in those situations. Lots of QBs look good when there’s no pressure, but they flop in these situations more often than not, despite loading up the box score. To your point, Keenum would have given them a better chance there.

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    Turning into a Cousins thread. The other thing with Cousins is that he fumbles all the time. Once a fumbler always a fumbler, and his passing is no difference. I personally liked Keenum. Not a flashy guy, but got the job done. Morgan being a Sophomore will continue to grow as the season goes on and hopefully turn into a great player.

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    I think it was in the second half when Tanner had a gutsy scramble, went through contact to convert a 3rd & 15. Got the crowd going again. The guy knows what needs to be done in big situation and will put it all on the line for his team. Yeah, he made some questionable throws to start, but that didn't shut him down. He's a guy that you want leading your team when the going gets tough.
    I know this is blasphemy to say, but he reminds me of Brooks Bollinger. When you watch him play, you can't believe he pulls things out, but he does it consistently. He finds ways to win. Not always pretty, not always easy, but he's been finding ways to make the right play when he needs to. We're more than due for a player able to pull off what he has done to date as a starter.
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