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    Quote Originally Posted by tjgopher View Post
    Attendance last year by day of week in Big Ten home games:

    1) Wednesday (only sellout of year - Wisconsin) -- 14,625
    2) Saturday (Indiana) -- 11,639
    3) Thursday (Michigan) -- 11,639
    4) Sunday (Iowa) -- 11,582
    5) Saturday (PSU) -- 11,042
    6) Saturday (Rutgers) -- 10,837
    7) Tuesday (Purdue) -- 10,062
    8) Tuesday (Maryland) -- 9,919
    9) Wednesday (Nebraska) -- 9,624
    10) Wednesday (Illinois) -- 9,565

    We only had four weekend Big Ten home games last year. They were four of the top six attended games.

    Tuesdays and Wednesdays are no good (even with Purdue, Maryland and Nebraska) easily taking the bottom four spots. Wisconsin saved Wednesday from total embarrassment.

    More weekends (even if Sunday) is better than more weeknights. This is why Pitino is likely quite happy with this schedule.

    Sunday games against Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, and Nebraska should draw really, really well. Wednesday games against Wisconsin, Indiana, and Maryland should do reasonably well.

    Attendance should be good with this schedule.
    I am very biased about going to college basketball games . I can not fathom how we had such poor attendance. I know there are issues at many schools but it is great entertainment.

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    Does anyone if that was 10th in the conference ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chico Gopher View Post
    Speaking of BTN, Are Gopher games going to be on Hulu again this season? I'm out in Ca. with-out TV. I only watch stuff on-line, so there was no BTN available because I don't use cable TV. Used Hulu last season to watch Gophers hoops, but man it's expensive. Is YouTube a better value?
    Yes, 100%. YouTubeTV is awesome

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    Lack of Saturday games (especially night games) are going to hurt beer sales.

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