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    Default Sid: P.J. Fleck believes in Gophers, as national media ignores them

    per Sid:

    The Gophers open their season next week against South Dakota State, and so far none of the national media experts favor the Gophers to do anything in the Big Ten this year.

    But if there’s one person who does believe in this Gophers team it is head coach P.J. Fleck.

    “I am not sure what the experts are saying,” Fleck said. “The experts are truly the people inside our program because they’re the ones who actually know what’s going on all the time. But I know this, this team works really hard, they’re a lot of fun to coach and they’re getting better every day.”

    Go Gophers!!

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    Fleck totally believes in what he's doing and believes in his players as well. The players in turn have a great attitude as well and know that they will do well if they put the work in and believe in each other. Go Gophers!

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    In the wake of the Minnesota's destruction of its first eight opponents, the ignorance will subside.
    Gopher football fan since 1924. DNA-wise.

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    I have felt the national attention to the upcoming Gopher football season has overall been quite positive. There are so many different people and organizations covering college football, one could always cherry pick a subset of writings and rankings to show one's team isn't getting enough respect but overall I think the percentage of positive material about Gopher football 2019 has been fair and includes enough optimism for me.

    There are also the predictions of sixth in the west or the CBS guy that predicts the Gophers won't make a bowl game... but that is balanced by a lot of positive takes on the upcoming Gopher football season. Lurking near the rankings, multiple predictions to win the west, etc.

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    nationally people still give programs like Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa credit for past history. For the gophers in the national view they need to win before nationally people will believe.

    I watched a fair amount of the Bog Show and while you really have to not focus on the BigTenNetwork guys points of view I see the Gophers practice much more productive than other teams. This will have an affect as the season goes on.

    Trust in the "X's" and "O's" and we will be there in the end

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