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    Default Pat Caputo - Big Ten football more balanced than elite

    per Pat:

    Big Ten football remains a contradiction.

    On one hand, seven Big Ten teams - Ohio State (No.5), Michigan (No.7), Penn State (No.15), Michigan State (No.18), Wisconsin (No.19), Iowa (No.20) and Nebraska (No.24) - are ranked in the preseason Associated Press Top 25. That doesnít include still-formidable Northwestern, the defending Big Ten West winner.

    On the other, the Big Ten hasnít often delivered on promising preseason forecasts.

    Ohio State won the first College Football Playoff (2014-15). The Buckeyes also captured a BCS title (2002-03). In 1997, Michigan ran the table and subsequently proclaimed national champions in most polls, prior to implementation of a playoff system.

    Thatís it for the Big Ten at the very top in five decades.

    Will it be different in 2019?

    Probably not.

    Go Gophers!!

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    Have the SEC switch out that late cupcake game for a ninth conference game and I think things would change.

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