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    Well now that I know Claeys was going to bring in another JUCO QBs that changes everything. Really something to think about.
    LOL, Good one! I recall listening to WCCO radio late last year and (forgive me on the spelling) Corey Hepula, was talking in general terms about the state of Gopher Football and he couldn't understand why some people didn't care for Fleck. He said something about, they don't like him because he's too enthusiastic???? Really? How Minnesotan! He also referred to the 9 wins posted by Claeys and yet how the program was in total disarray and something drastic needed to be done. Was it all Claey's fault? Certainly not. Did Fleck have anything to do with it. Definitely not. And yet, here we have certain people who refuse to get behind the Gophers because their new coach's personality or style doesn't fit what they believe to be the ideal head coach, or because they feel the previous coach wasn't treated fairly, which has absolutely nothing to do with the current coach. Let's hope the team has great success this year and that these people who want Claeys back can go root for Washington State. Forgot to mention: remember all the targeting calls on the Gophers during Claeys tenure as head coach? I think we probably set a record. I also recall after the Northwestern game, where I think we got flagged for maybe 3 targeting calls with game ejections, how Pat Fitzgerald, whom I respect a lot, had harsh words for Tracy at the post-game hand shake. You could tell he was really upset. I thought that this was a trend of undisciplined play that would eventually catch up to us.
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