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    Quote Originally Posted by bottlebass View Post
    I didn't believe you so I had to go look. That is UNFREAKIN BELIEVABLE, the U should contact ESPN over this.
    Don’t worry about it. Most people don’t know our uniforms and even fewer don’t realize there’s no M in Tennessee.

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    Default Demry in some big, big trouble...

    Tennessee State Head Coach:

    “We have very high standards at Tennessee State University...especially when it comes to women....and right now, Demry has been accused of not holding up to those high standards, and at this point, he’s been suspended indefinitely from the football team, and all athletic activities, as it relates to football and the facilities.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by oak_street1981 View Post
    This cannot be good at all for Croft, especially in a semi-rural part of Tennessee. Having written that, I like Tennessee and think I could actually live happily in Nashville, but probably not Memphis.
    If it wasn't for Nashville, Tennessee would just be a version of Alabama or Arkansas.
    Attention: If the above comment sounds puzzling, adjust your sarcasm setting and try again.

    Quote Originally Posted by God View Post
    For you are one of the chosen ones, my son. Please carry my other messages forward and spread them across the land.

    Thou shall not root for the Badgers under any circumstances, whatsoever. Doing so will bring upon my wrath and you suffer from the same plague of obesity, stupidity, and ugliness of the one who leads the razorbacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zman View Post
    Don’t worry about it. Most people don’t know our uniforms and even fewer don’t realize there’s no M in Tennessee.
    That reminds me of the 30 for 30 "The U" (regardless of the fact Minnesota is the real "U", the documentary is excellent).

    They asked Howard Schnellenberger if he considered changing the Miami uniforms to change the culture and he said "what were we going to do, put an M on the helmet like everyone else???". Maybe that included Tennessee State?

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