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    Default Iowa football's most-interesting 2019 games: No. 8 Minnesota

    per The Gazette:

    Wouldn’t it be wacky-wack if Fleck brought a 9-0 team to Kinnick, though? Or 8-1. Or 7-2.

    It would take winning at Fresno State and Purdue. It would take beating Nebraska and Maryland and Penn State at home. Hard. Not impossible.

    The three-week closing kick that starts in Kinnick goes to Northwestern the following Saturday, then ends at home against Wisconsin. If Minnesota wins all three of those, the Gophers will have rowed their boat to a place that program hasn’t gone since Minnesotan Bob Dylan was a teenager.

    But let’s get back to Nov. 16.

    I was born on a Nov. 16. I won’t say which year, but here’s a clue: It was the season in between Rose Bowl appearances for the Hawkeyes. Those happened to be the only two Rose Bowls Iowa has ever won.

    Iowa lost on that Nov. 16, at Ohio State by the score of 17-13. That was the Hawkeyes’ only defeat of the year and their first loss in 12 games.

    That’s right. The day I was born was the only day that season in which Iowa lost. You want to make something of it, tough guy?

    All right, the year was 1957. I strongly hope to see the Nov. 16 of 2019. But not because it’s the day of a Minnesota-Iowa football game. Been there, done that, seen a chunk of goal post not fit through a revolving door.

    Go Gophers!!

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    I'd take being ranked 8th when we play Iowa.

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