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    Default Calipari signs 10-year, $86 million deal to keep him at Kentucky for life

    per CBS:

    Kentucky has all but guaranteed that John Calipari will hereby be synonymous with Big Blue -- and Big Blue alone.

    UK announced Thursday it signed Calipari to a lucrative 10-year, $86 million deal that will essentially keep him with the Wildcats until he retires. The contract expires after the 2028-2029 season.

    In the deal includes some unusual, unique clauses. First among them: Calipari has an option written him that would allow him to step down from his role as UK's coach after the sixth year to become "special assistant to the athletic director," according to the school. Essentially, he'd be a brand ambassador tasked with promotional and fundraising responsibilities -- and he'd get paid $950,000 annually to do so.

    Go Gophers!!

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    Time to pay the kids.

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    This $hit is getting obscene. He now makes more than every NBA coach save Pop and Doc Rivers (who each make $10M/year and have won a combined 6 NBA titles). He makes more than Steve Kerr who has had his team in 5 straight Finals and has won 3. College sports is looking more and more like an oligarchy.

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