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    Default Aireontae Ersery Commits to Gophers!!

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    Go Gophers!!

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    Fleck is having a nice weekend and not close to done yet!

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    Awesome! Welcome to Gopher Country!

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    Go Gophers!!

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    Sweet. Welcome to Minnesota

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    The staff identified him early & really wanted him. He was starting to heat up with local schools K State & Kansas offering. Nice commit.
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    KC Star: A late-comer to football, no one’s missing Ruskin High’s future Golden Gopher anymore

    Aireontae Ersery’s entire football career is just more than two seasons old, and the 6-foot-5, 290-pound Ruskin High senior has a lot to show over that short time.

    He’s gone from a large, athletic football newbie to one of Ruskin’s few power-five conference pledges — he committed to Minnesota over the summer. And you won’t have any trouble finding Ersery on Friday nights this fall. No. 63 will get a breather at halftime.

    Otherwise, coach William Perkins plans to use Ersery’s combination of strength, size, and speed at every turn: on offense at tackle, at defensive end and to wreak havoc on special teams.

    Ersery said there’s a family atmosphere to the program at Ruskin, and that same feeling is what pulled him to Minnesota.

    “I went to a camp up there, and we had great conversations. I talked to the coaches about what I want to accomplish. I opened up to them, I met the head coach, talked to kids, and it’s got a family vibe. That’s what drove me,” Ersery said. “Minnesota is beautiful also. It felt like Kansas City: kinda busy, but slow at the same time.”

    Ersery has become a value part of the Ruskin football program, an example of what’s possible when hard work meets talent.

    “Put in the work and schools will come for you,” Perkins said. “We think it will make a difference, and we hope it’s going to get more kids out.”

    Ersery has accomplished a lot already, and his goals for his senior season are simple.

    “I really want no sacks and a lot of tackles,” Ersery said.

    No sacks?

    “No sacks given up on offense,” Ersery said with a laugh.

    It wasn’t that long ago that Ersery was an unknown. Now he’ll be impossible to miss.

    Go Gophers!!

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    "kind of busy but slow at the same time" is what people say when they have been to both Minneapolis and St. Paul but thought they were in the same city the whole time.

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    I am not surprised that Aireontae Ersery likes the Gophers. After seeing all of PJ Fleck's recent twitter about team outings, there is definitely a brotherhood/family feeling to the team. People think Minnesota is the great tundra until they come up here in the Spring, Summer, or Fall. Then, they are shocked at how beautiful and vibrant the Twin Cities are.

    I am glad that official visits can be done during the nice months. You bring a recruit up here from the South when it is cold, and then they'll never return.

    That Interstate Battery Commercial at International Falls back in the late seventies didn't help the image of MN.
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    Welcome to Badger Road Kill Country!

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    I'm just happy that an old commitment thread got dug up after a couple months and there wasn't bad news at the end!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmlizard View Post
    I'm just happy that an old commitment thread got dug up after a couple months and there wasn't bad news at the end!
    No ****!

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