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    Default Poop Vandal Is Spreading Feces On Homes, Car Door Handles In Chicago (video)

    No need to be shy, I know you all came for the video!

    Per Bauer:

    Something stinks in Bridgeport.

    A masked man is smearing poop on Bridgeport homes and cars — and sometimes hiding it under car door handles so the victims can’t see it. It’s happened a least a dozen times in recent weeks, with one person even catching the vandal on video as he rubbed poop — either human or dog; no one’s sure — on her car late in May.

    Tony Wu, 21, of Bridgeport, said he almost fell for the foul trick last week: He went to his car and was about to open the door when he spotted feces under the handle.

    “I really didn’t want it to be poop, but you know it is,” Wu said.

    Late to work, Wu managed to get into the car and then rushed through a carwash to clean up the poop.

    Afterward, Wu talked to neighbors and posted to a neighborhood watch Facebook group, curious to see if anyone else had experienced anything similar. The comments poured in: It turns out there have been about 15 such incidents in the neighborhood over the last month and a half based on reports Wu’s gotten from other Bridgeport residents.

    One family said their new house had been targeted repeatedly, with the vandal wiping feces on the door a least three times, Wu said.

    “I wasn’t really upset because it really wasn’t something large, but, at the same time, it’s petty in a sense,” Wu said. “I just really didn’t want him to keep doing this over and over again and to keep getting away with it.”

    At least one of the incidents was reported to Chicago Police: On May 25, a woman filed a report saying someone spread feces on her car and broke the driver’s side mirror while the car was parked near her home at 30th Street and Emerald Avenue, according to a department spokeswoman.

    Detectives are investigating but have no new leads or information, the police spokeswoman said. The woman’s security cameras recorded video of the man vandalizing her car.

    The video, given to Block Club Chicago by Wu, shows a man carrying a duffel bag as he walks up to a car and rubs a towel along the side of the car. He calmly walks away afterward.

    Go Gophers!!

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    Looks like an Antifa nimrod

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    Probably a white nationalist. Quite possibly....theczar!

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    Chicago? Shocking...
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    Sucks to have a $hitty neighbor like that.

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    KGF turn yourself in.
    Who hates iowa?

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    I just glanced at the thread title and thought it said "Pope Vandal." so I thought it had something to do with vandalizing pictures of the Pope, or something like that.

    Then I read the OP. to quote Emily Litella, That's very different. Never mind.

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