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    Quote Originally Posted by whalenfan View Post
    Mason Madsen is definitely not a high major player, theres no chance the Gophers offer him. Hadley scores a ton of points in hs but its against terrible competition and most of his points come on layups, hes struggled int he eybl so far this year against good competition and quite frankly i dont think hes good enough.
    What about Gabe Madsen and Crowl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abrams View Post
    I've watched Carlson a few times. No way he is 6'9", more like 6'6" maybe 6'7". He's not an explosive athlete, probably does a few things well, nothing great. Not a great outside shooter either from the games I saw.
    I think he might be closer to a legit 6'8" but his athleticism with his shooting would make him my least desirable of the top 5. I agree with you, he doesn't seem like he is a great shooter and really lacks athleticism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GopherNuts View Post
    They are obviously doing all they can for Suggs but priority does seem to be Garcia and Dainja who both rave about the program as well as Walton. I’d love to see them really target Johnny Davis too. Garcia/Dainja, Davis and Walton would be a dream class imo.
    I've seen Davis play 25+ times in the last few years. The kid is the real deal. The Gophers need to turn up the heat on him.

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