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    Default Big Ten players that must step up in 2019 (Minnesota, QB Zack Annexstad)

    per Hellman:

    Minnesota, QB Zack Annexstad — PJ Fleck has the running back room in line for a big year and one of the best receivers in the Big Ten back to do damage in senior Tyler Johnson. What the Gophers need offensively is the quarterback position to get to the next level. Annexstad appears to be the top guy for now, but Tanner Morgan is another experienced option. The Gophers are going to do a lot of damage if one quarterback steps up lead the show.

    Go Gophers!!

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    It's very interesting pretty much every publication is listing Annexstad as the starter/guy who must step up when Morgan has much better looking numbers and led us to our big wins. Wait for the "dark horse" post from some writer who claims they came up with it first that Morgan will be the starter and will shine. The fun part of that, I think either QB will do well in this offense this year, which is way more optimistic than I've been in a long time on our offense

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    Burns has been beating the drum Annexstad has his favor and at least some on the coaching staff’s favor due to the potential ceiling argument angle and this was a 247 article. Could be true, could be a smoke screen to keep both QBs in the dark and avoid a transfer scenarios, or it could very well be ther pe is internal disagreement amongst the staff as during the Mitch/Nelson face off in 2013. I’ll be shocked if it isn’t TM2 to at least start out the year but nothing would totally surprise me.

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