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    Default Jared Weyler Taking Talents Corporate

    I hope the Gophers can find solid play at Center this fall. Jared was really good and very smart. Best of luck to him in the future.
    Pro Football Focus had him as the best draft eligible Power Five Center in Pass Protection in 2018
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    Glad to hear it ... but you'd think the Gophs would have provided a little more info. Like where is he working?


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    Yeah maybe he didnít want to share that info. I thought he could have had a shot at the next level, but maybe he is ready to put the football playing days behind him.

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    My guess is with the degree, he is going to a big four accounting firm.

    EDIT: Quick search and he started at KPMG in january.

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    Smart guy, good player. Wish him best of luck

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    Nice Job Jared!
    Way to use that scholarship!

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