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    Default B1G Refs Suck Thread

    Holy **** that call was bad. Tough way to end a season. Hope that ref gets ****-canned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hello-world View Post
    Holy **** that call was bad. Tough way to end a season. Hope that ref gets ****-canned.
    It was brutal. Guy should get demoted if nothing else.

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    That was the most ****ing ridiculous call I have seen this year yet. Absolutely no reason to call that. Horrible way to end the game let alone the season.

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    Just saw the replay again on Gopher Puck Live. I cannot believe they called that. Absolutely stupid.

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    I wasn't counting on them winning, but have to agree. Absolutely atrocious call; possibly the worst I've seen in several years, which is saying something.

    Todd Milewski, who used to cover the UW men's hockey team for one of the Madison newspapers, even chimed in on that one. He basically said not only is that not a penalty in an overtime situation, it's not a penalty under any circumstance. Ever.

    You know it's bad when even the Badger side sees how awful a call that was.

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    I have been calling out Big Ten reffing as pathetic on multiple forums many times this year. And now they ended our season. Un effing believable.

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    Always hate to blame officials when we had plenty of chances to get a second goal and win it in regulation, but that was a horrible call. How does someone paid to be a ref get it so wrong? Utter incompetence.

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    Minneapolis paper indicated today that Motzko and the Big 10 supervisor of reps got in a shouting match later.

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