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    We were a 5 seed against them

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    Quote Originally Posted by oak_street1981 View Post
    Penn State was playing relentless pressure defense, man to man, and looked very athletic. I still think that coach has something brewing there if he does not get fired. but I will never understand how they were under .500. #24 very good, #11 great, #23 great, the rest all solid.

    This was a great win tonight.
    The brand of basketball I'm talking about was the often aimless offense, careless turnovers, zombie team energy (the coach's words, not mine), and the junior "star" of the team not walking up until well into the second half. I don't mind Big Ten basketball, actually; I watch it all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otis View Post
    I think there is a very good possibility the Gophers win this by 10 points or more.

    In the regular season game Stevens had 27 points and was 3 for 3 from 3. He's a 22% shooter from the 3 line, so good luck going 3-3 again. Nobody else had more than 10 points for PSU.

    Murphy Oturu and Curry combined for 40 of our points with Murph getting 19pts and 21 rebounds. Coffey shot 3 of 14 for a mere 11 points. McBricks had 10 and Gabe was not in double figures.
    We had 13 turnovers as well and we have not been producing that many as of late. Coffey was not nearly as efficient at running the point as he is now. Stockman did not play but could be huge defending the paint.

    I do not see PSU being able to stop Murphy and Oturu from getting their averages and Coffey should continue his hot streak. Would love to see Gabe have a big game as well.


    Gophers 76 - Penn State 64 with 24 points from Stevens.
    Well, at least I got Stevens point total right!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bc2211 View Post
    Iím with Miles. This board does an amazing job of bringing fans together, but does an equally amazing job of raising expectations. In real time itís so easy to point out flaws, yet college basketball is full of imperfect play. There are a handful of teams in a given year that win pretty more often than not. Those teams are in the top 5.

    Iíll react and complain audibly mid game with the best of them, but my perspective of this team varies dramatically with my involvement on gopher hole. The less Iím on here, the better I feel about their performance. This is not an endorsement of Pitino or what some on here call mediocrity, but rather an acknowledgement that this board is an echo chamber of negative opinions, opinions which would exist for almost all college basketball teams under the microscope of emotionally invested fans.

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    Great post and spot on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howeda7 View Post
    The good: Dupree played his best game of the year. Murphy was solid and Coffey finally turned in on at the end.

    The bad: What is up with Oturu? Gabe. Stull. Why Richard, why?
    Gabe and Oturu looked lost.

    I'm with you on Stull. I would rather see Hurt out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Gopher View Post
    It's always a thrill when the Gophers win, but that game was brutal, and I didn't like that brand of basketball. This team could accomplish some things if they could clean this shat up.
    Welcome to the Big Ten. It's not pretty and it's never going to be, so perhaps you should find another conference to watch if you don't like it. Penn State came in having won 7 of their last 10, arguably the hottest team in the league. Their 3/4 court press and length defensively gave the Gophers all kinds of problems, they stayed within arm's length until they absolutely had to make a run. And when they needed a lift, they got it from Murphy and McBrayer, the seniors. Coffey turned it on scoring-wise when he had to, scored 6 points the first 36 minutes and finished with 22.

    Lamar Stevens is a pro. Scored 24 but needed 25 shots to do it. I thought we forced him into several tough looks and he took a few bad shots in critical moments. Love that McBrayer hit the big shot that led to overtime and got a huge 3 in OT. I'm stunned that Stevens went under the Stockman screen on Coffey's 3 that could've won. You never, ever, ever go under the screen in that situation. You switch and force him to take a contested shot.

    For as sluggish as both teams were the first 34 minutes, the last 6 and overtime was fun, entertaining basketball. The Gophers need to play the whole 40 tonight like they did the last 6 of regulation and 5 of overtime last night. They got the one win they had to have, now go play free tonight. You could tell they were a little tight last night, knowing what was at stake.

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    1. Have Oturu and Gabe hit the freshmen wall?
    2. We played defense without fouling! 15 total fouls, Coffey with 4, nobody else had more than 2.
    3. We shared the ball! Murphy, Coffey, and Matz with 5 assists! Single digit turnovers at 9.
    4. Lethargic first half. Lost the battle for loose balls.
    5. Got to the free throw line, made 77%!
    6. Blocked 1 shot, got 4 steals. We had no energy getting deflections of any sort.
    7. Matz has been playing so well its making Pitino look bad for not using him when Curry wasn't 100%.
    8. McBrayer's best game of the season?
    9. Held Stevens to 9-25.
    10. Bad defense on Watkins.

    Sometimes we concentrate on weaknesses and miss strengths.
    Our inside game is top notch. Our ability to draw fouls is great also.
    Go Gophers!

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    Does anyone else get frustrated by the lack of ball handling by Coffey? Too many turn overs.
    And lack of consistency.
    Mark my words we lose tonight because he doens't play well. Wish he had some drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GO41FAN View Post
    Does anyone else get frustrated by the lack of ball handling by Coffey? Too many turn overs.
    And lack of consistency.
    Mark my words we lose tonight because he doens't play well. Wish he had some drive.
    I get frustrated by lack of ball movement

    too much dribbling, too much standing around

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