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    I believe we have a shot providing we get that Penn State Monkey off our back.
    How do you mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stocker08 View Post
    How do you mean?
    We really haven't done well against them the last couple years unless I miss some games where they had some decisive wins against them.

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    Quote below is from Gopher Puck Live by someone basically stating the same issue I was expressing.

    I'd say there's a solid chance of the Gophers heading to Columbus in 3 weeks, to be honest. About the only option I really see as a true problem would be going to Penn State, for some reason, the Gophers just can't do that the last couple years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stocker08 View Post
    How do you mean?
    Ah. I just doubt we see them in the tournament. We drew Michigan in the first round. For us to get them in the second round....we'll (#3) need to beat Michigan (#6), Penn State (#4) will have to beat Wisconsin (#5), and Michigan State (#7) will have to beat Notre Dame (#2).

    I just can't see MSU beating ND. And if that doesn't happen and all the highest seeds win...we'll go to South Bend to play ND and PSU will go to Columbus to play OSU. In that case....we'll need to beat ND and and PSU will have to beat OSU in order to meet in the championship. A lot would have to fall into place for the Gophers to match up with PSU.

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    Gophers hockey coach Bob Motzko was not happy about "dirty hits" from Arizona State this past weekend. And at least one player is out for significant time because of one.

    Motzko said on his radio show Tuesday evening that one player will be out four to six weeks after a knee-on-knee incident. That player is freshman winger Nathan Burke, a source confirmed. Burke left Saturday's game late in the second period after colliding with Arizona State's Anthony Croston.


    In all, Arizona State committed 15 penalties for 41 minutes throughout the series. Motzko said three of his players came out of the weekend injured. Another was freshman Sampo Ranta, who missed most of the second period Saturday after a big collision with Arizona State's Jacob Wilson. Ranta needed several stitches under his chin, and Wilson is now suspended two games.

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