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    Iowa by 14 6:22 to go.

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    Iowa by 16 5:12 to go.

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    Dragon lady going down.

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    Gustafson is just ridiculous, completely unstoppable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whalenfan View Post
    Gustafson is just ridiculous, completely unstoppable.
    I didn’t post my counter-prediction here at the time, but when all the so-called experts predicted Maryland to win the B1G Tourney, I felt that if it came down to Maryland vs Iowa in the final, that Gustafson and Co. would rather handily take down Maryland. The experts should probably spend less time emailing each other and more time watching Gustafson play. Besides, Gustafson probably still had a chip on her shoulder from last year when the Gophers took them down in spite of her 49 points.

    That was last year when we had Hubbard and Wagner. Nevertheless, pre-tourney I felt we had maybe a 40/60 shot at beating Iowa and then going on to beat Maryland for the title.

    But that was before Indiana upped their play a notch and the Gophers downed their play a couple notches - well, that’s a different thread.

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