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I do feel Richard is a good coach and would have a much different year with Carr be cleared. Additionally I think he leans on it as an excuse but having Curry out was a tough hit. Curry is just now getting into season shape and he is one of our top 5 players, and our best passing big. That being said.....

I feel like he has regressed, I suspect Johnson had more input during in-game play-calling and decisions than I may have thought. Little things like not switching Gabe off of guarding the Rutgers guard despite having 4 fouls. Or running NO offensive sets that offer consistent screens off the ball. Or how for the life of me, we can't get an open look despite every team doubling Murphy. That's on Coaching.
Of all the things to criticize Pitino for, i don't think an inability to get open looks is one of them. One if the big frustrations with this team has been how many open shots they miss, but they are getting those looks.