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    Default B1G Game 14: Gophers Visit Purdue (2-14-19)

    Role Reversal

    Purdue (7-6) is headed one way; Minnesota (6-7) the other. The Boilers are 1-4 since defeating the Golden Gophers 64-53 at Williams Arena while Minnesota is 4-1.

    Two of the Boiler’s four defeats were to Nebraska including last Sunday’s late loss in Lincoln. A Kate Cain layup with 1:48 remaining gave the Huskers a lead they never relinquished. Purdue led 20-14 at the end of one, 28-23 at the end of a scintillating second quarter and 48-42 heading into the fourth. Purdue’s switch from zone to man seemed to be working. Then, the Boilers went cold and Nebraska outscored them 12-4 in the game’s last 5:21.

    Sharon Versyp might offer a different focus. Fouls. There were 24 fouls called against Purdue. Oden fouled out while Harris and McLaughlin picked up four each). Versyp was not pleased with the officiating-especially in the paint. The source of Versyps annoyance was Leigha Brown (30 points for the Huskers) whose drives down the lane collected 9 fouls against Purdue defenders. With Keke Bell leading the nation (as of February 8th) with 196 free throw attempts, Minnesota’s coaches should find the film review intriguing.

    Going cold in the fourth is plaguing Purdue in recent outings. Against the Hawkeyes in Iowa City the Boilers rallied from 13 down to tie the score late in the 3rd quarter only to give up an 11-2 run as Iowa pulled away for a 58-72 win. Purdue also rallied from a 13 point half time deficit in East Lansing tying the Spartans with :57 seconds remaining before MSU outscored them 8 zip.

    Naturally, the easiest way to defeat Purdue is to shoot over their normal zone. That’s what happened to Purdue in their first loss to Nebraska. The Husker’s Hannah Whitish (28 points) went 6-10 from three and the Huskers 11-27 from beyond the arc. This time, Purdue was cold early trailing 18-6 at the end of one. They never recovered and Nebraska swept to an 84-64 win.

    Summing up: there are multiple ways to defeat the Boilers-even in Lafayette.

    Some Numbers (B1G Games):

    Scoring: 3rd Bell 18.5, 7th McLaughlin 15.7, 8th Oden 15.3 and 11th Pitts 13.5

    Rebounds: 2nd T Bello 12.3, 4th Harris 9.3 and 5th Farquahar 8.7

    3 Point %: 5th McLaughlin .371 and Pitts .319

    Blocks: 1st Harris 3.2 and 6th T Bello 1.7

    Minutes Played: 1st McLaughlin 38.9, 2nd Pitts 37.8, Bell 37.2 and 4th Oden 37.1

    B1G Wins: Ohio State 60-42, Michigan 71-70, Iowa 62-57, Northwestern 57-54, Indiana 56-53, @ Minnesota 64-53, Illinois 72-50.

    B1G Losses: @Wisconsin 69-76, @ Rutgers 63-65, @ Iowa 58-72, Nebraska 65-84, @ Michigan State 66-74, @ Nebraska 61-67.


    5’7” G So Karissa McLaughlin (15.7 points, 2.0 rebounds, 3.2 assists in 38.5 minutes/game)
    5’8” G Jr Dominique Oden (15.3 points, 5.2 rebounds, 3.2 assists in 37.1 minutes/game)
    6’1” F Jr Ae’Rianna Harris (13.1 points, 9.3 rebounds in 35.1 minutes/game)
    6’0” G So Tamara Farquhar (7.8 points, 8.7 rebounds in 33.0 minutes/game)
    5’9” G Fr Kayana Traylor (4.7 points, 2.2 rebounds in 24.3 minutes/game)


    5’11” G So Lyndsey Whilby (4.7 points, .09 rebounds in 10.4 minutes/game
    6’4” C Jr Fatou Diagne (2.7 points, 3.0 rebounds in 9.5 minutes/game)
    5’10” G Fr Cassidy Hardin (1.9 points, .04 rebounds in 14.0 minutes/game)

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    Gophers owe Purdue a tough game. That game Gophers were better team on floor, but went stone cold from the floor. That and everything Purdue threw up went in all game long. Snooty and uppity Purdue grads need to be taken down a notch. I have one at work im betting a good lunch on the Gophers.

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    Pretty big game in my opinion. You want to go into that final gauntlet stretch on a high note and what better high note than a 6 game winning streak. In order to get to 6 we need to get to 5 first. Very winnable game and one that definitely helps us out. Keep beating those teams ahead of you. I have a good feeling about this one. They've shown a lot of guts the last few games. Time for a full game win from start to finish.

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    The Boilers talk Bello:

    “The first time we played against them, we did a really good job boxing out No. 5,” junior guard Dominique Oden said. “That’s a really big key, boxing out and rebounding and just pushing the ball because if we (give) them too many offensive boards, it’s not going to be a good thing.”

    Tonight’s game will ultimately be won on the glass. The Gophers’ junior forward Taiye Bello averages nearly 12 rebounds a game and has a knack for coming up with offensive boards.

    Bello also has scoring ability down low, and Purdue’s forwards will have to make it a point to box out and not allow Bello to get easy looks off of missed shots.

    “Bello can just dominate,” head coach Sharon Versyp said. “She’s always going to get 15-18 boards. You just don’t want her to score a lot of points.”

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    Pretty good description of T. Bello (as well as what K. Bello could develop into). Probably couldn’t have done a better description ourselves.

    Go be exactly what Purdue doesn’t want you to be, Taiye!

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    PUR on 6-0 run out of the half.

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    Multiple bad passes from Bell tonight.

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    Pitts is heating up and yes we need Bell to protect the ball.

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    Going to get their 7th W ! Really played inspired in the 4th.

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    A great performance. Have to consider the difference that exists for Whalen and her acceptance of the good and bad in Bell (7 TO) and Pitino who can't handle one mistake from Washington.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlight View Post
    A great performance. Have to consider the difference that exists for Whalen and her acceptance of the good and bad in Bell (7 TO) and Pitino who can't handle one mistake from Washington.
    The difference is defense. Bell is one of the best defenders in the country, Jelly is the worst defender on the team.

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    And a big thanks to Lamke for battling in the paint.

    Plus it was nice to relax the last two minutes of a game.

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    What a 4th quarter performance tonight, 20-2 to finish it up. Irene the unsung hero her defense the 2nd half was tremendous on McLaughin.

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    O% shooting in the fourth quarter for the Boilers.

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