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    Default How transfer portal has created a new, constantly evolving culture in college sports

    per Dodd:

    Mars is one of the leading figures in navigating the NCAA's thickly-worded transfer rules. Lately, the calls from parents inquiring about representation in their kids' transfer cases have averaged two per day.

    Mostly, they ask how their children-athletes can become immediately eligible at a new school.

    "You could tell from these voicemail messages that these people are starting to think everybody should get a waiver," Mars says of those anxious parents. "Some of them think I have the secret code."

    If not, his batting average in the new transfer age is damn high. Mars is not only at the center of those transfer rule changes, he is de facto commissioner of the new culture.

    You want your kid eligible right away? Hire Mars or someone like him.

    In October 2018, the NCAA granted transferring athletes more freedom. No longer did these athletes need to seek permission from a school and/or coach to transfer. No longer could those schools or coaches block undergraduates from transferring to certain schools. (Some conferences have separate rules for transferring inside their own league.)

    The much-discussed transfer portal, a one-stop shopping site, sprung up and has changed college athletics forever. Athletes now merely enter their name online and wait for their phone to ring.

    Go Gophers!!

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    This is a crazy stat...

    Forty percent of all Division I basketball players who enter directly out of high school wind up transferring by the end of their sophomore years.
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