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Thread: David Cobb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seany View Post
    Yep. Also, regarding that San Diego team, I REALLY like their name and logo. It's a perfect tie-in for the city of San Diego, and that logo in my opinion is just top-notch.

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    Agree. Very fitting and cool logo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsmike View Post
    Here are the Wikipedia pages for the San Diego Fleet and the San Antonio Commanders
    Minnesota isn't listed on either one. David Cobb is on San Antonio based on the Sasktatchewan Rough Riders being his last pro team. Damarius Travis was last with the Patriots so which ever team has those rights must have passed on him.
    I'm not sure if these are complete lists. From what I've read it's not public knowledge which schools are assigned to which team.

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