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    100% correct on live mics. Would be gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by short ornery norwegian View Post
    The one possibility that could impact college FB:

    the NFL buys out the AAF and decides to use it as a true 'minor league.' Under this scenario, college players who want to leave school early could play for the AAF for 2 or 3 years to gain experience and wait for a shot at the NFL.

    I'm not suggesting that tons of college players would bolt, but all it would take is for a few top-caliber players to jump to have an impact.

    And, if I wanted to be cynical - when you have college players skipping bowl games to "prepare for the NFL," it's not that big of a leap to skip a college season to play in the AAF and prepare for the NFL that way.
    The AAF is already a full partner with the NFL...and using it as a minor league...
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    Im not quite sure why articles keep bringing up Trevor Lawrence. I read one last night where they said Lawrence could skip next year, and the join the other league thats starting up for one year. That sounds like the worst possible scenario for a highly touted QB prospect. A player of Lawrence's caliber wouldn't be the test subject to see if it ups a players value. Great way to generate clicks though by those websites.

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