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    Quote Originally Posted by Pompous Elitist View Post
    a many times higher rate of returns beyond the 25 yard line.
    No, I'm pretty sure we're talking a very low percentage of kickoffs that result in starting position beyond 25 yards. And the main point was, just because you do doesn't necessarily mean you're more likely to score on that drive, unless it's significantly beyond. Which is an even lower percentage.

    Might be interesting to give the "receiving" team a chance at a high risk, high reward scenario to mimic the low percentage chance of getting a kickoff return well beyond the 25. Perhaps say if you elect to risk it, you can try to convert a 4th and X, where the line to gain is the 50 yard line. If you fail to convert, then you start back on the 10 or 15, something like that.

    Something that gives us more REAL football, and gets rid of high injury kickoffs.

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    I'm torn on this issue. I do hate the extra time it takes to do kickoffs. It's a bare minimum extra 2 minute commercial break. I find myself often fast forwarding through kick and punt returns when I watch on DVR (unless I see something exciting happened). But they can be very exciting plays on rare occasion.

    I guess I wouldn't be heartbroken if they took them out of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schnauzer View Post
    special teams have long been a way for younger, less experienced, backups to get playing time. Sometimes their play in special teams even leads to more playing time in general.
    The exactly same benefit and opportunities will continue to exist on the punt teams. Punts will never go away. Same with actual FG attempts.

    Just get rid of extra points and get rid of kickoffs. That would be perfect.

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