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    Default SIAP...Santoso signs reserve-futures contract with Lions

    sorry if already posted...this was from early January

    The Detroit Lions have announced that they have signed punter/kicker Ryan Santoso and running back/kick returner Kerwynn Williams to futures contracts.

    Santoso made some noise in Lions training camp with a gigantic leg and the ability to both punt and place kick. In the preseason, Santoso averaged 40.8 yards per punt, but has shown the ability for greater success averaging 43.0 yards per punt as a senior at Minnesota.

    He will have some work to do to beat out Sam Martin ó who averaged 44.7-yards per punt last year but has a career average of 46.1 yards per punt ó but Martin is in the final year of his contract extension and has a cap hit of $3,000,000 in 2019 according to


    Futures contracts are teams claiming the rights to players for the following season. They act just like normal contracts, but they do not count against the team until the following season officially begins. Usually league minimum (

    This means if a team signed futures contracts at the end of the 2017 regular season, then those contracts wouldnít count against the 2017 cap or the active 53-man roster. Instead they count against the 2018 cap and 90-man roster.

    These contracts can only be offered at the end of the Regular season, and even teams in the playoffs are required to offer futures contracts at this time as well.

    Who is eligible?
    Anyone who wasnít on a roster at the end of Week 17 is eligible for this type of contract. That means unrestricted free agents who werenít signed during the season, but more commonly, practice squad players. That is where these contracts really come into play. They are mostly teams re-signing their practice squad players or even poaching other teamís practice squad guys.

    Now, it is more common that a team will try and steal another teamís practice squad player with a futures contract rather than during the season. During the season, if a team signs a practice squad player, they would have to add that player to the 53-man active roster. However, with futures contracts, that player is only added to the 90-man roster for next yearís offseason

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    I imagine his ability to be both a kicker and punter helps him some.

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    Nice, I was bummed when he had a drop off, he's got talent.

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    Yeah he was good at both for stretches here. Very likable chap.

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    Get cheap, Lions! Go with the To!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GophersInIowa View Post
    I imagine his ability to be both a kicker and punter helps him some.
    I'd think that'd be a huge deal. If you can save a spot for another player on your roster, that gives you more depth.

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