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    Quote Originally Posted by Shades View Post
    Who's side are you on?
    My point is that Rutgers likely won't continue to be awful and then we will really be in trouble.

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    First half: 14 turnovers and 17% shooting.

    Hope second half is not 14% shooting and 17 turnovers.

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    First half beefs
    Bello taking mid-range shots. Not even coming close to going in. She shouldn't take shots past 3 feet.
    Bell's turnovers. Too many forced fancy passes, particularly to Bello. She has a hard time catching an easy pass. Fancy pass? Forget it.
    A lot of half court sets even with a 4 guard system. Need to run it more or maybe play Lamke more.

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    The crowd is booing the call against Bell, but it was a good call. Bell grabbed the arm.

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    Perez has got to take more shots. They need to set her up too.

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    Charging call against Pitts was terrible.

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    Rutgers leaving themselves only one timeout remaining in game with 3:22 left in third

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    Don't think there was a sub in the 3rd quarter. Hopefully the starters have their legs to finish this off!

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    39-33 MIN end of third.

    Whalen hasn't been subbing, so I'm guessing they'll run out of gas in the fourth.

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    That we're ahead by 6 going into 4, is all heart by this team. Jaz leading the team.

    Bello on track for 22 rebounds.

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    At least this long mysterious review is giving the Gopher starters a rest.

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    Things looking good now. Rutgers playing desperate.

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    Any win is a good win.

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    Go Gophers! The 2nd consecutive big win! They're going to turn the Big Ten upside down if they continue to win after getting off to such a rough start in the conference.

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    Let's remember that Rutgers was leading the BIG coming into this game. Good win for the Gophers, despite one of the ugliest first halfs in memory. Gophers played solid defense the entire game. Offense continues to be a major challenge for this team. A monster game on the boards for Bello, who gets a ton of rebounds with her athleticism.

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