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    The one thing going against him is the NBA has little need for Power Forwards that can't shoot from the 3.
    I think he will get there. In college I see him becoming like a little better version of JaJuan Johnson (former Purdue center) except for Oturu is going to be a lot thicker and stronger in a few years. What Johnson could do that was so tough to defend was pop out the the free throw line and hit jumpers. Oturu is beginning to show signs of that and it is really almost impossible to defend, especially if he can put the ball on the floor and drive if the opposing big comes out on him- which he has shown he can do. I hope we have him for at least 2 more years. The NBA also tends to pick guys before they are ready, if they have big upside.

    Has anyone here seen Charles Bassey 6-10 C from Western Kentucky? I have not but he is a frosh who is averaging 14.7 pts 10 reb, has shot a few three pointers but is doing his work in the paint from his stats. He is doing that in a conference that doesn't compare with the Big Ten and he is listed as the 10th pick in NBA projections. Not sure how he compares to Oturu.
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    I always laugh at gophers being projected as leave early guys
    I do think Oturu does have a better chance to leave early than Coffey did but I always do always love the fear. I wish we had the problem of someone being that good or having that good of a season that it would be a decent choice to leave early.

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