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    The players say something different...kehinde has played well when she has been played. I dont count the 3 min garbage minutes. She is a strong presence defensively and a good finisher and rebounder. ...
    K. Bello can rebound approximately as well as T. Bello. They've been competing at it all their lives and the competition urges each one to get better. Taiye has had more playing time, so her rebounding technique is perhaps a bit better (and certainly game-proven) than Kehinde's. But Kehinde is an inch taller now, so that partly makes up for the difference in skill/experience.

    As I noted in my last post on the thread "PPD: Despite Shooting Woes Destiny Pitts to Let it Fly." where I updated shooting percentages through the Purdue game, Kehinde has the best two-point shooting percentage on the team, at .571. This beats Annalese (.549) and Taiye (.533) by a bit. There's so little (shooting) data on Kehinde, of course, that any claim that she's the best shooter would be statistically unsound. But I think the time has come to give her some more playing time. I'd personally like to see them try (once in a while, strategically, perhaps not as the main offense just yet) a three-post/two-guard lineup featuring T. Bello and Lamke and K. Bello up front, with mostly Pitts at the shooting guard (backed by a rotation of Staples and Perez), and a rotation of Bell and Brunson at the PG. No team in the B1G could outrebound that front line. In fact, the PG and SG could go bombs away from deep all shot-clock (because a missed shot is almost as effective as an entry pass to a set of three good posts).

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    ... Hopefully Irene proves me right with a good game Thursday. She isnt Diva, but if she can even stay a 3 point threat, things will open up. We can play faster with fresher legs also. That will allow keke to do what she does best. Play end to end. ...
    Season three-point statistics through the Purdue game show that although Pitts is back on track and is definitely our best three-point shooter, her longish slump was enough to drag down her full-season three-point shooting such that Pitts was behind Garrido Perez in overall three-point shooting percentage (until today's game). Here's the numbers (through Purdue game, plus OSU game added for Pitts only):

    Pitts two best games -> .710
    Pitts (Ohio State game) -> 5/9 = .555
    Pitts (Purdue game) -> 5/11 = .455
    Garrido Perez (through Purdue game) -> 7/21 = .333
    Pitts (season through Purdue game) -> 40/124 = .323
    Brunson (through Purdue game) -> 11/35 = .314
    Staples (through Purdue game) -> 11/37 = .297
    Bell (through Purdue game) -> 9/31 = .290

    Now, Perez made one of four three-pointer attempts in today's Ohio State game. That's below her average. That, plus Pitts good shooting, puts Pitts back in the lead for season average, as Perez moves down a notch or two on the three-point percentage chart.

    But all five of Pitts, Perez, Brunson, Staples and Bell are capable of hitting threes on a good day. We should probably just let em shoot, and let Lamke, T. Bello, K. Bello and Kaposi grab the rebound and have them try again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bball 101 View Post
    ... Half court basketball is killing them. This team had immense potential, but isnt being properly utilized. It is frustrating to watch. A team with a top creator/scorer, top shooter, top rebounder, and 2 post options! And they cant score 60?? Frustrating.
    Amen. Half court basketball is definitely our downfall, at least at the moment. But I saw signs of brilliance in today's play against Ohio State. I think one of our main problems in that game was just bad luck. The shots just didn't want to fall, it seems. Sometimes it goes that way. But I think we can fix it. We just need less inconsistency. We can't have these games where three out of five of our starters are ineffective, and the bench is less than ineffective. We need at least four out of five starters firing on all cylinders, all at once in a given single game. That's how we win.
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    I wish they would play K Bello too. If her suster, can run rebound and block ****s I imagine Kahinde can too. If anything she give hard fouls and be defensive pressence. Fresh legs to pass to also. I hope the coaches can get her in the game.

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    How on Earth does 25 get minutes before K. Bello? She's a twin of one of the leading rebounders IN THE COUNTRY. 25 is a walking turnover every time she's on the floor. Watch the tape. Nice girl, most likely. Works hard enough. But I find it hard to believe that she is better than anyone else on the team she's playing in front of...

    Also might want to tell her (and 12, for that matter): stop taking shots. They're just not good takes. Ever. It makes matters worse when there's still 15 on the shot clock and teammates who could get a better look.

    At this point in the season, why not see what others can do? How could it possibly look worse than almost every second half of Big Ten play for us?

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