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    Default B1G Game 8: Gophers Host Purdue (1-24-19)

    Controlling Tempo

    Two things:

    Firstly: Purdue (5-2) plays an aggressive 2-3 zone; so, we have that seemingly unsolvable nightmare to anticipate.

    Secondly: Purdue lost to Wisconsin (1-6).

    Purdue’s guard dominated lineup has evolved from the big three (Oden, McLaughlin and Harris) to the primary five. (The following stats are for B1G games only). At the post position is Ae’Rianna Harris (36.1 minutes, 12.4 points and 10 rebounds per game). The guards are Dominique Oden (37.7 minutes and 16.0 points per game), Karissa McLaughlin (39.9 minutes, 15.1 points and 4.7 assists per game), Tamara Farquhar (35.1 minutes, 9.7 points and 10 rebounds per game) and Kayana Traylor (30.7 minutes and 6.6 points per game). Traylor with 15 points in Sunday’s win versus the Hoosiers is becoming a solid performer.

    Guard Cassidy Hardin is the only bench player playing more than 10 minutes (11.7) and 6’4” Fatou Diagne (7.6 minutes) is the only bench player bringing a little height. In other words, unlike Nebraska, the starters are an opposition coaches only real concern.

    The Wisconsin loss was the second game on the B1G schedule. At the half, in Madison, Wisconsin led 34-31. The Badgers then put together a series of runs resulting in a 21 point, 67-46, lead with under eight minutes to play. Foul trouble was the overriding problem for the Boilers. Fouls limited playing time for Oden (30 minutes) and Harris (26 minutes). As a result, Hardin played 21 minutes without scoring. Getting into the Purdue bench is a simple way of neutralizing the Boilers.

    Even without foul trouble, it’s not as if Purdue is dominating B1G competition. They have toughed out a one point win (Michigan) and two three point victories (Northwestern and Indiana). Of course, a Sharon Versyp team loves to control tempo and mix up their defensive assignments. Doing so was crucial to their win over Iowa which included sticking five fouls on Gustafson thus limiting the All-American to 30 minutes and 19 points. As Versyp said post game:

    "We tried to control the tempo, forcing them to use as much of the shot clock as possible when we were on defense, and then executing and making them work on the other end of the floor," said Versyp. "Gustafson is one of the best players in the country and we knew we had our hands full with her, so we tried to mix up our looks, run different players at her and keep her guessing on offense. We tried to attack her on the other end of the floor, especially (freshman Kayana Traylor) in the second half, which was key in getting her to foul out."

    Kenisha Bell will be expecting special treatment especially when Versyp recalls last season’s Gopher Win.

    Last Season: Minnesota, behind Kenisha Bell’s 22 point, 9 assist, 5 rebound and 5 steal effort, defeated Purdue 78-74 at Williams Arena. The first quarter was all offensive fireworks with the Gophers prevailing 29-27. Things calmed down a bit in the 2nd and 3rd quarters with Minnesota leading by as many as 16 points. However, Purdue closed with three, 70-67, with five minutes remaining before the Gophers finished it out. Bell, Pitts (18 points) and Hubbard (17 points) each played 40 minutes. Taiye Bello played 14 minutes with 9 points and 10 rebounds. The numbers for this year’s Boilers: Harris (19 points and 11 rebounds), Oden (13 points in 40 minutes) and McLaughlin 11 points.

    Stollings was 3-3 versus Purdue. Before that, there were a lot of losses. Under Borton, we were 2-13 versus the Boilers following the McCarville/Whalen era.

    Some B1G Conference Numbers:

    Rebounding: T. Bello and Harris are tied for 6th in rebounds with 10.1/game.

    Scoring: 4th Bell (18.0/game); 6th Oden (16.0) and 9th McLaughlin (15.1)

    Minutes Played: 1st McLaughlin (39.9); 3rd Oden (37.6); 4th Bell (37.3), 7th Pitts (36.7) and 10th Harris (36.1)

    B1G Wins: Ohio State 60-42, Michigan 71-70, Iowa 62-57, Northwestern 57-54, Indiana 56-53.

    B1G Losses: @Wisconsin 69-76, @ Rutgers 63-65


    5’7” G So Karissa McLaughlin (18 points, 1 assist versus Rutgers)
    5’8” G Jr Dominique Oden (26 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists versus Michigan)
    6’1” F Jr Ae’Rianna Harris (17 points, 11 rebounds versus Rutgers)
    6’0” G So Tamara Farquhar (8 points, 18 rebounds versus Northwestern
    5’9” G Fr Kayana Traylor (12 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists versus Michigan)


    6’4” C Jr Fatou Diagne (7 points, 5 rebounds versus Wisconsin)
    5’10” G Fr Cassidy Hardin

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    Thursday's matchup pits one of the Big Ten's best defensive rebounding teams against one of its top squads on the offensive glass. The Boilermakers have limited opponents to 31.3 rebounds per game in conference play, and are pulling down 73.8 percent of their opponents' misses, while the Golden Gophers are leading conference play with 15.0 offensive rebounds per game and nabbing 39.6 percent of their missed shots. Minnesota and Purdue are first and second in rebounding margin in Big Ten action, outrebounding opponents by 4.3 and 4.0 per game, respectively

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    Video with Whalen and Pitts. Whalen, "I've got to do a little more subbing".

    Minnesota Gophers women's basketball head coach Lindsay Whalen and sophomore guard Destiny Pitts spoke with the media Wednesday afternoon inside William's Arena.

    The Gophers have lost five of their last six games after starting the year 12-0. They dfeated the Wisconsin Badgers last week, only to lose to Nebraska last Sunday. They next play Purude at home on Thursday at 7 p.m.

    Whalen and Pitts both talked about how to turns things around, getting back to a normal routine with classes starting again, facing Purdue, beating Wisconsin, and how to overcome their shortcomings against zone defenses.

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    The Gophers lack of depth is a concern here, no question. Injuries have forced first-year coach Lindsay Whalen to rely heavily on her starters, and fatigue might be an issue down the stretch in games.

    But so has this: Trying to solve opponents’ zone defense.

    “Teams are going to zone us,” Whalen said Wednesday, before her team’s final practice in preparation for Thursday’s home game against Purdue. “Illinois went to a zone in the second half. Nebraska had to go to zone in the fourth. … I haven’t seen a zone since I was in college at some point. It’s been interesting, a good challenge to find ways [to attack it]. It’s like putting together a puzzle.”

    It is a puzzle that persists. The Gophers are geared to play against man-to-man defenses, with quickness at guard in Kenisha Bell and Jasmine Brunson. Against Iowa, the Hawkeyes opened in man-to-man defense and the Gophers raced to a quick, early lead.

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    Perez is starting instead of Brunson

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    Perez shadowing Oden well.

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    Brunson must be a total scratch.

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    Brunson showing up halfway through the third?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shades View Post
    Brunson showing up halfway through the third?
    She played in the 2nd quarter too

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    Gophers are such a bad shooting team, somehow need to find someone other than Pitts that can make some shots if they wanna win this.

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    Garsh, they always look so bad in the 4th quarter. I'm doubting it's fatigue in this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shades View Post
    Garsh, they always look so bad in the 4th quarter. I'm doubting it's fatigue in this game.
    Purdue hit some tough shots down the stretch so give them credit but the Gophers are so limited offensively, cant win many games shooting 30% and they got good looks most of the game.

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    Played well defensively most of the game but some fouls at the end of the shot clock bailed Purdue out. No doubt this team is offensively challenged and most likely a bottom four team in the BIG. I think Whalen is getting what she can out of them but team lacks the skill set to compete. At this point it would be nice to see some improvement but as the season moves along it appears the team is regressing.

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    Fun atmosphere with Whalen jersey night but TO's and limited options for scoring result in another loss. Bell and Pitts alone are not enough to carry this team. I really hope they can string a few W's in the upcoming weeks.

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