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    I don’t think the girls played like they wanted to win the game. Need more enthusiasm and determination

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    Just when I was thinking we need to bring in a defensive coaching specialist we had four minutes of the ugliest crunch time non-offense in years.

    Haiby kept getting to the bucket just like the Illini guards did. So it's not like it's something new.

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    Bell with 5 TO,s seemed like they were all in the 4th quarter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katogopher View Post
    Bell with 5 TO,s seemed like they were all in the 4th quarter.
    Bell was getting hammered on some of those turnovers. Where did the high screen low post plays go? We saw the Gophers beat them in the post after Nebraska fronted a three. This team needs to learn how to beat a team down and keep pounding on them until they cry uncle.

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    We pretty much had the game won with a 6 point lead and 4 minutes and change left. Then we let them have two undefended threes, which they made, and I told myself game over - we lost, given how bad the refs were.

    It didn't help any that we let their point guard drive to the hoop at will, undefended. Does anybody else wonder why the backup defense stands idly by and watches these plays unfold? All they have to do is step over and take a charge.

    Aside from the latter giving them a golden paved path to to hoop, that 2/3 court pressure defense had them on the ropes for a while.

    Then once they tied, as others noted, too much Bell one on five offense. A Bell drive from a tightly covered 1 of the 1-3-1 right into the 3 of the 1-3-1, is not a good play choice. Especially when the refs declare no-whistle open season on Bell.

    They need to learn to play the whole 40 minutes. With this and the Illinois game, they pretty much snagged defeat out of the jaws of victory. It stings a bit.
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    I could only watch the first 3 quarters. Recorded the game and intended to watch the fourth after I got home. But after reading the comments/summary of the last few minutes of the game, I think it will be too painful to watch. Perhaps I should just erase and move on.

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    I watch all the Gophers men's & women's bb games on TV. They're good entertainment, but the results are depressing. Without rehashing the results, I wonder why MN men's & women's teams can't get better talent and depth. Why do they fail year after year at any significant recruiting of better players? Or why do the touted recruits not produce? Any ideas?

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    Per Twitter, "#Gophers forwards were responsible for 15 of the team's 19 points and 10 of the team's 13 rebounds in the third quarter!"

    Per Twitter video, Gophers led 53-45 at the 6 minute mark after the Pitts made three. In the last 6 minutes, Huskers outscore Gophers 18-4. [That's a Gopher scoring pace that extrapolates to 27 points per 40-minute game (e.g., 7-point quarters). Recall that, when they fed their forwards, they scored 19 points in the 3rd quarter alone, which is a scoring pace that extrapolates to 76 points per 40-minute game.]

    Bell is amazingly capable of almost singlehandedly winning a game if we're behind in the fourth quarter. In that situation, the team should play loose and confidently, and let Kenisha lead the charge to victory.

    She is also capable of almost singlehandedly losing a game if we're ahead in the fourth quarter. Especially if the rest of the team aids the loss by turning the ball over and falling down on D. If I were assistant coach, my recommendation in the latter situation (when we've all but got the game won) would be to put Bell on the bench for the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter, and challenge the rest of the team to complete the win.
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    Minnesota had 17 turnovers to Nebraska's 13. That's much of the game story. I guess Nebraska had unforced turnovers, since they led Minnesota in steals, 9 to 3, a +6 steals margin.

    Nebraska also had a +9 blocks margin, 9 to 0. That's a +15 blocks+steals margin.

    Probably 8 of those 9 blocks were blocked bunny shots. I guess I'm sounding like a broken record, but I think I was griping about the 7 blocks in the Wisconsin game just the other day. Of course, probably half of those "blocks" were half-ball/half-hand-contact bad calls, enough to reverse the game outcome by itself (no Gopher scoring drought necessary).

    The Gophers officially shot 40% from two - 18 of 45. If we could "have back" (and make) only 4 of those 8 "blocked" bunny shots (either by avoiding the block and/or the ref making the right call), that makes us 22 of 45 for about 50% shooting and a won game.

    Minnesota won the rebounding contest 43 to 24, +19 margin. [Although individual stats don't match, maybe some team rebounds.] Moreover, we won the offensive rebounding contest 19 to 6, a +13 margin. Unfortunately, most of those extended offensive possessions ended up in blocked shots or missed shots or turnovers. Up to this point, I believe the Gophers have won every game in which they have had such a phenomenal rebounding margin.

    The game was thrown away to turnovers, blocked shots, and (at crunch time) horrible play selection plus wimpy defense.
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    Amy Williams post game presser. Went to 1-3-1 because Bell was getting very comfortable finding avenues to make plays attacking the Nebraska man defense. The zone gave the Huskers the ability to "squeeze the dry gaps" and that Eliely played "effectively at the top".

    The first three quarters were a struggle for Nebraska, and Minnesota’s defense was much of the reason for that.

    “It’s a little bit frustrating, but in the grand scheme of things all of that was just credit to Minnesota’s defense,” Williams said. “They came in and they really made it difficult for us to get open looks from beyond the arc.”


    Minnesota had a chance to tie the game with 53 seconds left after both teams combined for four straight turnovers. However, junior guard Nicea Eliely came up with a steal with 42 seconds left, and Haiby hit a layup to extend the lead to four points.

    Eliely put the game out of reach on the next possession with her fifth steal of the quarter. This led to Haiby making two free throws to cap off Nebraska’s 15-2 run.

    For Nebraska, the key to the run was turning defense into offense.

    “Putting pressure up on the ball and turning them over created easy looks. We executed down the stretch,” Haiby said.

    “It all started on the defensive end,” Whitish added.

    Eliely had a career high six steals in the game, and her role in the defense as the “pirate” was crucial down the stretch.

    “Their job is hard as heck,” Whitish said as to why the role is called the pirate. “They have to pick up the ball full court.”

    Haiby was key to Nebraska’s offensive success, leading the team with 16 points on 6-10 shooting.

    One area Nebraska struggled in was rebounding, as Minnesota outrebounded the Huskers 43-24. This was the biggest rebounding deficit that Nebraska has had so far this season.

    “It’s incredibly tough, I told our players I don’t think you can overcome a 19 rebound deficit unless you’re forcing 17 turnovers like we did, unless we’re shooting 83 percent from the free-throw line,” Williams said. “There were some things that had to happen.”

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    How does a team manage to lose having a +19 in rebounding?

    It seems like enough pieces are here (Hubbard would help), but it’s not coming together. Other coaches are making better adjustments.

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    Watching the second half of the game was a miserable experience. At this point, I'm about to just stop watching this team play...
    - Tired of waiting until there's 10 seconds left to get things going in every half court set.
    - The team needs to evolve beyond a pick-and-roll offense for Bell. Additionally, it would go a long way to choose someone to set screens who: a) can actually pick the other team; b) can handle the pass if they switch the pick; c) talks; d) isn't a turnover machine. Any or all of the above. Please.
    - How, on Earth, is a D1 team with a coaching staff that has one of the highest payrolls for women's basketball, STILL struggling against zone defenses? Further, why are we watching them run the exact same play into it game after game after game... with under 10 seconds left each time...

    The bottom line is that there are things to be fixed with this squad that I would have corrected with my middle school basketball team already. It's one thing to have a plan, play hard, and ultimately lose.

    It's becoming quite another thing to watch this group do the exact same things every game and expect a different result...

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