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    Quote Originally Posted by fan of Ray Williams View Post
    One Gopher I'm always amazed about is Noel Jenke. Football, hockey and baseball. First Big Ten athlete drafted in three professional sports. Red Sox, Blackhawks and Vikings. And he was Academic All Big Ten. Wow!
    I second this choice. I believe he was from Owatonna. My oldest brother played baseball against him in high school. Amazing to be able to play college sports year around and be academic all B1G.

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    Nomellini, like several other Gophers from that era, served in the military during WWII. Nomellini was in the Marines. So, when he started playing college FB, he was a little older and a lot more mature than your typical college kid. another fun fact - he was born in Italy, but the family immigrated to the US when he was quite young.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schnauzer View Post
    I posted on this a few years ago but the other current thread about listing favorite Gophers inspired me to do it again. As people have been listing their favorite Gophers, most have cited recent Gophers but a few people have mentioned some of the usual suspects from bygone eras. One guy that seems to fall off the radar way more than he should is LEO NOMELLINI. I'm not surprised to see he hasn't been mentioned in that thread.

    He wasn't ancient history and he is not among recent fan favorites. He played in the not-too-distant past. But, in terms of accomplishments - he should flat out be on the ring of fame in TCF Bank Stadium as his exploits for Gopher football match or even surpass the names that are there now.

    He is sadly overlooked. I'm not sure why. I don't think he has many (or any?) living relatives so he will probably never get that honor (name added to stadium ring of fame) in a halftime ceremony where the AD hands a plaque to a current relative. I guess being named to all-time NFL team, NFL HOF, college football HOF, and 2 all america honors will have to do.
    I mentioned him. Back when the Gophers varsity played the alumni for the spring game, Leo arrived via a helicopter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highwayman View Post
    Mine is Gil Fash.

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    A few of my favorites:
    Doug Beaudoin-smooth and effortless looking in the d-backfield, but he could fly; played for the Patriots for several years; Jamestown, ND
    Dave Gardiner - a high school teammate, great guy. Had a huge sack against Iowa in '79. Rest in Peace Dave: Rochester Mayo
    Elmer Bailey - had an awesome TD reception in the same game Gardiner got the sack down in Iowa City : St Paul Mechanic Arts.
    John King - IIRC I saw him gain 170 yards in one game. He was set to be the first African-American player to play for Georgia, but signed with the Gophers instead. Prepped in Georgia
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gophers7NatTitlesBadgers0 View Post
    Tom Brown.
    "Tom Brown is a helluva' football player." -Vince Lombardi.

    High praise indeed...
    Gopher football backer since '62.
    Current GopherHole walk on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skauma View Post
    The 40's was the not so distant past? That was like 80 years ago. I'm guessing none of us around this board were even close to being born.
    Born in 42 Season Tickets since 75 when i came to Minnesota

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    Mark Dusbabek. Could fit in this category for the Vikings as well.

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