The crowd at The Barn never ceases to amaze me.

My wife and I write down some of the most baffling lines, or funny ones, or whatever because we like to be entertained. We even reuse the funny ones because its even funnier the 30th time. Note: We don't yell any of this stuff outside, we are purely positive yellers (I mutter negatives to myself quietly)

"I bet he loves Coffey"-cute 6 year old kid
"Murphy Murphy Murphy, catch the ball"-same cute 6 year old
"This is the ghetto, pass the ball"-old white man in front of us, referring to IW
"These guys need haircuts, I hope they have money for them"-Old woman behind us referring to (I assume) Murphy, Oturu, Curry and Omersa. She is always concerned about haircuts
"You don't see many blacks who can shoot"-Old guy next to us
And finally, and certainly the hardest I've laughed all season, was the Rutgers game. Group of 4 guys behind us, row 24.

"I can't tell you what happened because Mike's dumb ass opted for the cheap seats!"