I was at the game Saturday against Rutgers and although I usually here some funny jeers from the Barn faithful, I may have heard the one I laughed/shook my head at the most this season.

During the game, Rutgers had a player(#15) twist his ankle and fall down in the paint due to the injury. I sit in section 217 and off to my right someone shouted to the refs that they need to call the offensive 3 seconds as this poor kid is on the ground. I tried to not to laugh but couldn't help it...it was dark humor and I found it funny.

It got me thinking about some of the funny/obscene things we have heard or maybe yelled ourselves during a game. I have only had season tickets for two seasons and would love to hear some memorable things overheard at the barn. So go ahead, this is a forum to share your stories that made you laugh or things that made you shake your head.