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    Quote Originally Posted by MennoSota View Post
    I've used a number of voice to text products (not the one you suggested). If you talk slowly, methodically and with good enunciation you can get a much more accurate transcript. However, most people whom I have worked with do not speak that way. Also, I work with a number of stakeholders in medical fields. Medical terms will cause voice to text programs much pain. Good luck with "encephalopathy."
    That term is giving my text to voice program some problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Livingat45north View Post
    No need to type anymore. I found this for you...

    Try Streamer for Free
    It takes you less than a minute to get started

    (1)Open a Chrome browser and go to
    (2)Sign on using account Demo-English and the password 12345678
    (3)Select the Room called Demo
    (4)Click on the microphone icon and start talking

    With Streamer there are no apps to install or software modules to download – you just go to the website. This makes it very easy for others to join you in conversations. And yes, with Streamer the captioning can be provided in your choice of dozens of languages. To see this, log in on another computer using account Demo-Spanish and password 12345678. Now, whatever you say on the first computer is displayed in the second in Spanish (and if you want spoken aloud) and visa-versa. You can also use Demo-Arabic, or Demo-French, or Demo-German, Demo-Russian, Demo-Japanese (etc.). For a more complete description on how to use Streamer click here (many of Streamer’s features are not available in the free Demo room). Also, note that the Demo room is unlocked and open for anyone to use at any time. This is NOT a room that you should use to caption private conversations. To set up a private room where you control who can enter and participate in your conversations, contact Auditory Sciences by replying to this email or by calling or texting 507-645-8924.
    Here's a medical transcription using the demo account. Not perfect. Some good and some bad.

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    Is there something to convert foreign graduate student to understandable English?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pompous Elitist View Post
    Is there something to convert foreign graduate student to understandable English?
    LOL, kinda like my spanish. I say "Hola, como esta," and it gets translated "Howdy there buckaroo."

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