per Sid:

Attendance remains elusive

Maybe the biggest question for Coyle and the athletic department revolves around getting fans back into the stadiums and arenas. Announced football attendance for the 2018 season was 265,407 over seven home games, an average of 37,915 per game. Those numbers were down from 310,506 in 2017, when the average was 44,358.

Coyle said the questions around attendance are not simply a University of Minnesota problem.

“We have lots of conversations about increasing the football attendance,” Coyle said. “Obviously you’re at our games and you saw where we have some open seats. We have taken a hard look at how we price our tickets, our scholarship seating, and those are things we’ll continue to evaluate.

“This is a problem across the country in college football, where attendance is dropping and we have to get creative with how we can get more people to come to our games.”

Coyle said that a big focus will be on increasing the season ticket base.

“The season ticket holders are the backbone of your program, and we have to get very creative and innovative in how we can get those people back on to support our student athletes,” he said. “Season ticket renewal orders have already gone out for our season ticket holders and this past year we did reduce seating in certain sections of the stadium and we have those plans in place and we’ll always look at group sales and other opportunities, as well.”

Has he had similar thoughts about the seemingly low hockey attendance?

“We always focus on attendance, whether it be hockey, basketball, baseball, we worry about attendance,” he said. “Our goal is to earn people back.”

Go Gophers!!