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    Default ESPN: Colorado State's Mike Bobo declines $100K raise after 3-9 campaign

    per ESPN:

    Colorado State coach Mike Bobo didn't feel good about his team's performance -- or his own -- during a 3-9 finish in 2018.

    So a couple of days after the Rams closed the regular season with a 27-19 loss at Air Force on Nov. 22, Bobo called CSU athletic director Joe Parker and told him to keep his $100,000 raise for 2019.

    Bobo, who is 24-27 in four seasons with the Rams, signed an amended contract with the school last week, which leaves his salary at $1.8 million.

    "This is an administration that stood behind me, and I felt like we didn't live up to our end of the deal," Bobo told ESPN. "I wanted to make a statement to our players that we're in this together and you've got be accountable, starting with me."

    Bobo said Parker was surprised by his gesture.

    "He said, 'Are you sure?'" Bobo said. "I told him it was something I wanted to do. It's how I was raised. I didn't need to think about it. It's what I wanted to do."

    "That's not typical. That doesn't usually happen," Parker told the Loveland (Colorado) Reporter-Herald. "Again, that just makes me realize we have a pretty special person who recognizes his own personal accountability and doesn't feel good about what occurred this season, and is pointing all of his efforts into 2019."

    Go Gophers!!

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    That's pretty impressive. It goes so in the face of how most people are today. I'm sure many will say although noble, it was stupid. I personally think it says a lot about his character and that is a good choice to lead your team in my opinion.

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    Plus, he may be buying "job security" by declining the offer. Maybe if he has another down year, they keep him around longer based on his noble gesture.

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    It would be nice if Erin Rodgers and Kirk Cousins would return a chunk of money based on this season's performances.
    Attention: If the above comment sounds puzzling, adjust your sarcasm setting and try again.

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    Thou shall not root for the Badgers under any circumstances, whatsoever. Doing so will bring upon my wrath and you suffer from the same plague of obesity, stupidity, and ugliness of the one who leads the razorbacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gophers7NatTitlesBadgers0 View Post
    It would be nice if Erin Rodgers and Kirk Cousins would return a chunk of money based on this season's performances.
    I don't think Cousins owes anybody anything after the beating he took from the horrible o-line this year. Rodgers, sure.

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    Bobo is in trouble and this a fairly weird decision that might impress a few fans but will not do much for him with the AD if they do not do better next year.

    Then again, the very odd ex Wisconsin coach, Gary Andersen walked away from several millions at Oregon State last year, and all he had to do was get fired to collect it.

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    Bobo was a highly regarded coordinator for years before leaving for the CSU job. If he’s shown even a modicum of financial responsibility and invested decently his net worth is likely 5-10M+ and if he’s fired he’ll be picked up as a highly compensated coordinator someplace else. These folks rotate in a totally different orbit and their concerns are more the pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy in terms of personal and professional satisfaction rather than mundane money worries.

    I also admire his gesture but I’d have liked him to take that 100k and donate it to a worthy cause like children’s cancer research, etc rather than allow the admin dodos to keep their grubby fingers on it and do something stupid like gold plate a bathroom.

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