Honestly, I don't give a **** if we win a Conf title or finish 8th in the conf, because honestly all that matters is how we perform in the NCAA tourney.

If IW figures out how to run the point, and if Curry progresses, and if the team stays healthy, can we win 4-6 games in the NCAA tourney?

Free throws? **** that, if we can't improve on that then none of this might matter? But if we shore up everything else, even free throws might not be able to stop us. SO, can we shore up everything else? Murphy is obviously going to get a ton of attention from the defense, the question is whether the rest of the team can respond and take advantage??? This is where Coffey could shine and role players will be needed to take turns having good games.

What are our biggest negatives, and can those negatives be overcome? Can we make a 4-6 game run in March???