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    Default Here's a Gopher hockey headline I never expected to see a few years ago...

    per the Centre Daily Times: Here’s why Penn State hockey isn’t looking past a sub-.500 Minnesota this weekend:

    After a 20-day layoff between games, the Penn State men’s hockey team returns to action with a two-game series at Minnesota this weekend — and the opponent concerns coach Guy Gadowsky more than resuming play after college hockey’s traditional semester break.

    “You need committed, disciplined people so when they go home for break they’re staying sharp. I think we’re extremely lucky because that hasn’t been a concern here,” Gadowsky said. “They’re dedicated, and they want to be in good shape.”

    So, the No. 9 Nittany Lions got back to practice Monday and approached this weekend’s games as they would any other two-game Big Ten series.

    A series at Minnesota always seems special, though. While the Golden Gophers’ sub-.500 overall record might fool causal observers, Gadowsky knows better. Minnesota sits fourth in the conference standings, tied with Michigan (12 points), while Penn State is sixth (11).

    “They’re Minnesota, they’re excellent. They have a new coach and there might be some transition with systems, but they’re talented and they play well at home,” Gadowsky said.

    Go Gophers!!

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    Gadowsky is being overly polite lol.

    But yes in college hockey anything can happen. Probably 65% PSU sweep, 5% Gopher sweep, 30% split or at least one official tie in there.

    They are missing two players to WJC.

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    Sad defense all season.

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    Wow, the losing streak to Penn State is now at five games. A reflection on the pathetic State of hockey at the U.

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    Another passive effort at Mariucci. Walker's solo attacks were about it for determined offensive effort.

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    Some fun returns as Gopher Hockey is sighted in the second period.

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    Ramsey has been a really great player during his career here. Nice to see him get rewarded on the score sheet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bleedsmaroonandgold View Post
    Ramsey has been a really great player during his career here. Nice to see him get rewarded on the score sheet.
    What planet are you on lol? A really great player? Really great effort and cares about the M on his jersey, but he's a 4th line grinder lol. This was the most memorable weekend of his career with two great goals. He is a fan favorite and if the skilled guys cared like he does we'd have real Gopher hockey every weekend.

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