Suzy Merchant muses on guarding Gustafson.

On holding Iowa to 10 points in the 3rd quarter…

Some of it was just a little let's get a little more motivated conversation. You know I don't think we did that great of a job, she (Megan Gustafson) was getting too deep which we worked on all week and she was going to her right shoulder and we worked on that all week. So, we decided you know we talked about doubling, it's just tough to double in that triangle because they will just run the high-post guy down to the block, she will have a wide-open layup and you watch a million hours of film. So, she's tough because when you throw it in there one-on-one she's hard to stop, so if you start sending people, those guys can shoot threes, they can get dump downs. So, what we decided to do was give it one more shot, play a little bit stronger on that side, every now and then maybe send someone if we were close, if she was off the block and close we would kind of mess around with her a little bit.

Truthfully, I thought we were getting stops and pushing in transition and had them reeling a little bit, so I think it was maybe less our defense and a little bit more scoreboard defense, because we were scoring the ball at the time. In that quarter, we came out with a pretty aggressive mentality, but she's tough, I mean that kid is always I mean she averages 27 (points) and 13 (rebounds) for two straight years, she shoots 70 percent, I mean she does it against double-teams, zones, man, it doesn't matter. Our thing was we can't let anyone else get off and when you look at their stats, they only had one kid in double figures and it was barely double figures and they are like a four to five double figure team. So, I don't know, we needed to keep her somewhere under 30 I thought, she got 30 there, but we did a good job on everybody else.