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  • Fleck has the program further along than I expected

    38 25.85%
  • Fleck has the program exactly where I expected

    95 64.63%
  • Fleck has the program not as far along as I expected

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    Oh dear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gandharva View Post
    What I find most important about Fleck’s coaching is his insistance on growth and development athletically, academically, socially and spiritually. This human developmental plan will separate us from the pack of other 3 star schools. But a dramatic change that many people don’t quite understand will take more than 3 years. And helping boys become men is a win that doesn’t show up in the standings. So I don’t have any benchmarks to achieve as long as things continue to move forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fan of Ray Williams View Post
    You little rascal, Face The Facts.
    Sounds like me.
    But not me.

    I should ask Gandharva on a date maybe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schnauzer View Post
    love him or hate him, up to this point his predictions of where the Gophers would be have been right on the money. I am not a fan of paddles and slogans but I am a fan of cutting down on penalties, being able to run the football, and developing players. This is happening. The team plays a smart, confident brand of football and the improvement this season has been very visible especially since early November. The picture he had been painting all the way back to his introductory press conference seems be on schedule, in full color. He hasn't reached the finish line but his progress there, despite the defensive coordinator spot being a speed bump, is right on schedule.

    2018 was a "Tale of Three Seasons". Dumping Smith and overcoming the lose three key players was huge. Given a stronger than expected finish to the season, I think Fleck may have things on track.

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