View Poll Results: Who is your Gophers MVP in the dominating win over Georgia Tech?

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  • Tanner Morgan

    0 0%
  • Mohamed Ibrahim

    91 77.78%
  • Tyler Johnson

    0 0%
  • Julian Huff

    4 3.42%
  • Jacob Huff

    0 0%
  • Thomas Barber

    2 1.71%
  • Offensive Line

    16 13.68%
  • Other

    4 3.42%
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    Holy hell did Mo put a lick on some GT secondary players tonight - seemed like everyone that tried to tackle him got up injured or banged up, even on pursuit tackles. Hats off to you Mo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob_Loblaw View Post
    This thread should be renamed "Other than Mo, who is your Gophers MVP?"

    So I'll answer that.

    Faalele - He is going to be scary good.
    The rest of the OL - All really good. They might have been as good as Big Dan, but I was watching him on almost every snap.
    Julian Huff
    Boye Mafe
    The correct answer is still Mo.
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    I don't think anyone had a bad game today. I went with Mo because he found the holes and absolutley punished a number of Tech players. The O line would be my second because by they end of the game they owned the line of scrimmage.
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    Easily Mo in a great team effort! Much to be excited about since Rossi woke up the D. Holding GT to 10 is major accomplishment.
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    I looked at the question differently. Mo had a fantastic game, no doubt. Tanner had a great game too. The key, however, to both of their successes was the O-line. Therefore, my vote goes to the O-line!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GophersInIowa View Post
    Mo is the easy choice. Julian Huff is so much fun to watch. The guy is all over the place.
    I voted Mo, but one has to give a shout out to the Huff brothers. They have played some really solid football for three different head coaches in their time at the U. Great contributors.

    As for a song, how about going back to the disco era with the Andrea True Connection's "More, More, More" with the obvious switch to "Mo."

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    While I agree that the most valuable single player is probably Mo Ibrahim, I voted "Other". My MVP of the game goes to the entire defense, including Rossi. The defensive game plan and execution got the GA Tech offense off the field quickly, and gave the offense consistently good field position (partly thanks to the terrible GA Tech punts).

    It was exciting to see a strong overall performance from the Gophers with great defense, a very strong running game, and an efficient passing game. As we look forward to 2019, my hope is that we'll see more touches for Johnson/Bateman/Autman-Bell, as all three are playmakers. However, if the team is able to win games by combining solid D with a punishing run game, I'll take that too. :-)

    Go Gophers!!!

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    Have to give tons of credit to the offensive line and the defense for the way they handled GT. However, it has to be Mo, the guy was incredible yesterday.

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    Gophers MVP? How about Tech punter Pressley Harvin, who was the second-team All-ACC punter? I guess I didn't watch enough ACC Football this year... Yikes

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    Watched it again tonight. The Huff twins were so good. What a great memory for them and us in their final game.

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    I went Mo (easy choice), but was tempted to say "other" for defensive line. They were fantastic!

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