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Thread: Other B1G Games

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    Northwestern (2-1) throttled down everyone except Shay Colley (28 points with 4-8 from behind the arc) in a 70-62 defeat of the Spartans (1-1) in Evanston. Kunyaiyi-Akpanah, besides assisting with keeping Allen under control, put up 17 points and 10 rebounds for the Wildcats. NU's Pulliam also scored 18scored 28 for Michigan State. The Spartans kept it close by hitting buzzer beating threes at the end of the second and third quarters. Northwestern looked good tonight both offensively and defensively.

    Despite Marsha Howard's 20 points and 15 rebounds, the Badgers lost to Penn State in State College 71-64.

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    Gustafson with 28 points, 17 boards in Iowa's home win over Nebraska. Another POW award forthcoming? Indiana and Rutgers the only remaining undefeated conference teams with 2 wins each. The Northwestern win over MSU was a bit of a shocker. Northwestern is a team that obviously has it in them, but they haven't played well recently. Cats with good games from Pulliam, Akpanah, and Scheid, who has really played well recently. Interesting BIG game on Sunday, with MSU traveling to Indiana. On a non-BIG note, #8 Baylor defeats #1 UConn, 68-61 in Waco. UConn shoots 29% from the field. Seems like there have been some woeful shooting performances this year by teams all across the country.

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    Gustafson's numbers against Nebraska: 28 points, 17 rebounds, 2 assists, 5 blocks, 1 steal, 0 turnovers in 38 minutes. Iowa's starters minutes:

    38 Gustafson
    36 Stewart
    36 Davis
    35 Doyle
    32 Meyer

    Flow was hard to find in a vintage Big Ten grind. But the Hawkeyes eventually slogged through the muck.

    The style and flash Iowa usually rolls with wasn’t there Thursday night, but a veteran unit finally wore down Nebraska in the second half despite some late turbulence. The No. 20 Hawkeyes emerged with a 77-71 win in their conference home opener. It’s a victory Iowa (9-3, 1-1 Big Ten) needed after Sunday’s dud.

    "There just wasn't a lot of flow to the game at times," Hawkeyes coach Lisa Bluder said. "Too many turnovers by both teams. Too many fouls by both teams. So it wasn't the prettiest game, but again, we're not caring about that right now."

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    Hawkeyes and Gophers both lacking depth, it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripledouble View Post
    Hawkeyes and Gophers both lacking depth, it seems.
    Raoul noted the minutes played from last night's Baylor/UConn matchup. On the job training is not popular. Coaches want their best players on the court.

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    Maryland just barely slid by Ohio State at home. The Terrapins seem surprisingly beatable.

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    Here's a good explanation of the crazy, end of the third quarter, Michigan (1-2) error that came back to haunt the Wolverines in their 71-70 loss at Purdue (2-1). The end of the fourth quarter was more normal although Odin's winning bucket wasn't.

    After Dilk hit a jump shot with 38 seconds remaining in the third quarter to take a one-point lead, all hell broke loose.

    With a three second differential between the shot clock and game clock, Purdue held the ball for the final shot of the quarter. They missed the shot and sophomore forward Hailey Brown collected the rebound. But as she grabbed the ball, the shot clock buzzer went off. Brown, thinking it was the game clock, threw the ball to the referee standing out of bounds; there were still three seconds on the clock.

    Purdue was given the opportunity to run an extra play from underneath the Wolverines’ basket and capitalized by converting a mid-range jump shot at the buzzer to take the lead going into the final quarter.


    With just under a minute remaining, Michigan senior center Hallie Thome scored a layup off of a Dilk assist to put Michigan up 70-69. Then, with 25 seconds left on the clock, Purdue guard Dominique Oden scored a layup of her own to put the Boilermakers back on top.

    On the Wolverines’ final play, Brown received a handoff from Thome and took a shot from just inside the three-point line with three seconds remaining. The ball hit the backboard and then rolled off the rim, falling into the arms of the waiting Purdue player as time expired.

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    Indiana remains undefeated in BIG play with 68-64 home win over MSU. If the Hoosiers hadn't had the terrible loss to Grambling, they'd be undefeated and most certainly in the top 15. Interesting to note that Shay Collie came off the bench today for MSU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripledouble View Post
    Interesting to note that Shay Collie came off the bench today for MSU.
    During the broadcast, the announcers said it was uncertain whether Colley would play because of her knee.

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    Northwestern (2-2) loses a heart breaker to Michigan (2-2) in Ann Arbor 79-78 in overtime. The Wildcats lost Abi Scheid to an injury late in the first half and Kunaiyi-Akpanah to foul trouble; but really threw the game away with late free throw misses in regulation. And still they had a chance in OT but a short jumper from the paint bounced off both sides of the rim before falling off at the buzzer.

    For the Wildcats: Wolf had 17 points and 13 rebounds; but also two of the late free throw misses. Hamilton had 16 points; but was 0-2 from the line.

    Thome had 17 points and 11 rebounds for Michigan.

    There were 42 fouls in the game.

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    Rutgers moves to 4-0 defeating Illinois (1-3) in Champaign 71-60. After a fast start, the Scarlet Knights were cruising along until C. Vivian began taking out her starters. With about 3 minutes remaining Rutgers led 65-49. The Illini cut it to 68-60 with just under a minute to play before Rutgers shut down the comeback.

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    Carmen Grande, 19 points, 5 rebounds and 5 steals, led Ohio State 1-3 past the Hoosiers (3-1) in Columbus 55-50. The Buckeyes, especially Grande, frustrated Patberg (9 points before she fouled out). Next up on BTN: Iowa at Purdue.

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    ICYMI: Iowa lost at Purdue 65-57.

    Iowa built an eight-point lead with six minutes to play, but the Hawkeyes mustered just seven points and two field goals from there. Purdue closed the game on a 20-7 run, using a balanced scoring effort to pull the upset.

    Megan Gustafson led Iowa with 19 points and 13 rebounds, but she fouled out with 1:43 to go. The Hawkeyes had just one field goal after that. That came on a Hannah Stewart layup — which sliced Iowa’s deficit to one with 36 seconds to play — but Purdue put things away at the free-throw line to clinch it.

    Outside of Stewart (17 points) and Gustafson, Iowa had just seven field goals. The Hawkeyes couldn’t hit a thing from deep, sputtering to a 3-for-17 showing. Purdue (12-5, 3-1), meanwhile, had four in double figures — led by 16 apiece from Karissa McLaughlin and Dominique Oden.

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    Sounds like Iowa met its Illinois(Water)loo.

    Better study that game tape, Gopher coaches.

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    Purdue's a solid club, especially at home. Not surprised they beat Iowa. Boilermakers are better offensively than they've been in previous years, just as Rutgers is better. Iowa doesn't have much of a bench this year. Gustafson got in some foul trouble and didn't dominate as she usually does. Purdue's Harris had a lot to do with that. One thing I've noticed in watching teams other than the Gophers this year: Lots of teams have starters playing 35 or more minutes. So Gophers aren't alone in not using their bench much. I'll admit that I'm a bit baffled that so many programs can't develop benches, despite 15 scholarships...but then again, when I look at the Gophers, there's such a huge difference between the abilities of the starters and the bench players.

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