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    Still worry about the shooting ability - If kelshire is off - wheres the 3 ball? Also we have been dreadful on the road - need to change that at Wisconsin...
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    It's a hard last name I get it and I don't want to be the spelling stickler...

    but this isn't even remotely close. About the only thing you got correct was it started with a K. You might even be closer to Krzyzewski
    Kelshire is an English county bordering Wales.
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    This team needs to miraculously learn how to play team defense to have any sustained success in the B1G. We’re not talented enough offensively to withstand those long scoring droughts without being able to get consistent stops. It’s my biggest gripe with Pitino, there is no defensive identity or intensity. I can never figure out what exactly we’re trying to take away.

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