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    Quote Originally Posted by GameDay View Post
    Landfair, Wenaas, Wucherer are all OHs, and Glenn plays opposite. Ware is a middle, so should get a fair chance to start for the VB team early on in her career with Morgan having graduated by then and Pittman in her final season.
    Could be. Have to figure Rubright into the equation along with Husemann as well in the middle. Still, I think she'll make a bigger impact immediately in hoops if she comes here.

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    Default Congrats Gopher volleyball team grads!

    I see that Alexis was one of the graduates. Isn't she a junior? Maybe graduated a year early somehow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBerg View Post
    I see that Alexis was one of the graduates. Isn't she a junior? Maybe graduated a year early somehow?
    From an interview with Lexi before last season:
    You spent most of your summer in Minnesota, what did you do with your time?

    I intend to graduate early, so I took a lot of classes. I had both May term and summer school classes. I trained a lot and got in the gym a few extra times just to get better.

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    Iowa's Bond Shymansky placed on administrative leave.

    Iowa volleyball coach Bond Shymansky has been placed on 30-day paid administrative leave for what athletics director Gary Barta called a “significant” NCAA violation.

    Barta addressed the violation at Monday’s press conference, saying the investigation is ongoing with assistance from an outside firm. Barta said the allegations of a violation were brought to light by a former student-athlete on May 1. Iowa then informed the NCAA.
    The firm — Bond, Schoeneck & King — came to Iowa’s campus and began its investigation on May 6, Barta said. That investigation is still ongoing, but Barta felt the evidence uncovered so far warranted the administrative leave.
    Associate head coach Vicki Brown will be the interim coach until a conclusion is reached. Barta said he has also reached out to incoming recruits regarding the situation. The Hawkeyes’ 2019 class was ranked 24th by The ranking is Iowa's highest in the program's history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignatius L Hoops View Post

    Iowa's Bond Shymansky placed on administrative leave.
    What the heck did he do? That's not good. And the way we own Iowa in Volleyball made me want him to stay another 40 years...
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    CC on her USA Volleyball experience:

    Selected to compete with the USA Volleyball's Collegiate National Team, CC McGraw had a busy month of May. She was with the Gophers when they competed in Okayama this past March. Coincidentally, it was the same team that she competed against with Team USA. Read up on McGraw's experience in this recent feature.

    This was your first collegiate national team experience. Overall, how did it go?

    Overall, it was an incredibly memorable experience. I was able to learn a lot about the Japanese culture by exploring a variety of cities such as Tokyo, Okayama, Kawasaki, and Kyoto. The games were very competitive and it was an awesome opportunity to feel uncomfortable by trying new things while playing the game. The Japanese teams have a very different style of play which is very focused on defense. They practically dig everything. It was fun getting to meet so many new athletes while enjoying a beautiful country.

    You have now played in Japan twice this year, once with the Gophers, now with Team USA. Talk about playing a different style of volleyball and how as a defensive player you had to adapt?

    After my two experiences of getting to compete in Japan this spring, I can definitely say I learned a lot about the game and improving my passing and defensive abilities. The first couple times playing, the teams were able to exploit any type of weaknesses I had in the back row. They know the game so well that they are able to exploit any deficiencies we may have as a team. As a result, I was forced to improve on serve receive and defense. The ball is very different than what we typically play with. It floats a ton and the opposing team is able to efficiently serve seams often. I had to improve my vision and ability to see the ball early and make a simple angle to target.

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    A few days late; but we should close Iowa's Bond Shymansky era.

    Former Iowa volleyball coach Bond Shymansky addressed his recent termination Thursday, one day after he was fired for committing a "major" NCAA violation regarding impermissible benefits for a former student-athlete.

    The statement was released through the Hartung Schroeder law firm.

    "Former University of Iowa Head Women's Volleyball Coach Bond Shymansky acknowledges that an NCAA violation was committed when he provided financial assistance to a team member during the summer of 2017 to cover her rent."

    This next part is from Shymansky.

    "For the past month, I have cooperated with the University's request to remain silent regarding the underlying basis for my suspension. Now that I have been terminated, it is time to shed light on the details and end any wild speculation.

    "I did not discriminate against, abuse or harass anyone — and there has never been an allegation of sexual misconduct against me. In an act of compassion, I advanced funds to cover a young woman's unanticipated summer expenses in 2017. She came to Iowa City expecting to be on full scholarship, but when that status changed, she had nowhere else to turn. I have prided myself on running an NCAA-compliant program. However, I understand that I didn't 'do it right' by NCAA standards in this one instance and I am prepared to accept whatever sanction is deemed appropriate by the NCAA.

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