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    I hope Pitino goes with IW in the starting lineup next time out. Having a direct impact on 40 out of 80 points should earn him a starting nod. I know he has had Isiah in at the end of some big games which is where you want your best on the floor but the kid deserves a starting spot based on this last performance.

    IW has to have a massive chip on his shoulder if he hears all the $#!+ people talk about him on this board.

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    He’s back!

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    I feel like Washington is turning into a really weird topic on this board. I hope we can go through the rest of the year without alternating between a good game for IW where half the board says "HA! I TOLD YOU SO!" and then a bad game for IW where the other half of the board says "HA! I TOLD YOU SO!"

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